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NOTE FROM NONLEAGUEMATTERS: This is the introduction that was on the original website. In fact Chris completed tables up and including the 1988/89 season. I doubt very much that the email address given now works, if you would like to contact Chris then I will pass on any messages received.... use the contact option on the main site or the Forum PM system. Thanks..... Steve

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When I worked in a library I collected all the league tables I could find up to 1979-1980 when the first Non League Directory was published. I have decided to continue into the 1980s and 1990s using information sources that I own. If you want to contribute to this project please contact me (siteowner 'AT' and I will describe the text file format I use and the URL for the validity check. Thanks Chris.

1984-1985 completed 13 April 2007, 1980-1981 completed 14 May 2007, 1981-1982 completed 9 June 2007, 1982-1983 completed 24 June 2007, 1985-1986 completed 14 July 2007, 1986-1987 completed 14 September 2007, 1987-1988 completed 13 October 2007, 1988-1989 completed 21 Jan 2010.

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