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The website is being re-shaped.


From this page you can access the rewritten sections for:



              NATIONAL  1979-2011

              NORTH     2004-2011

              SOUTH     2004-2011




       THE NORTH in which are

              The Northern Premier League 1968-2011

              The Northern Counties (East) League 1982-2011

              The North-West Counties League 1982-2011

              The Northern League 1889-2011


              The Midland Alliance 1994-2011


In the DEFUNCT section you can access the sections for:


         The Athenian League 1912-1984

       The Cheshire County League 1919-1982

       The Lancashire Combination 1891-1982

       The Midland League 1889-1982

       The North Eastern League 1906-1964

       The Spartan League 1907-1997 (including 1975-1987 as 'The London Spartan



       The Yorkshire League 1920-1982 


The pages in the ‘Defunct’ section are going to be rewritten and it is important to point out that a number of the buttons on the pages for each of the leagues will not function until this process has been completed.  You should be able to move through the history pages for each competition without any problem, many of these being shown in the form of dates.


The 'SOUTHERN 'A'' region is now the new home for

        the Southern League (1894-2001),

        the Hellenic League (1953-2011),

        the Spartan South Midlands League (1997-2011),

        the United Counties league (1934-2011),

        the Wessex League (1986-2011) and

        the Western League (1892-2012). 


The rewriting of the pages for these competitions is now complete.


The 'SOUTHERN 'B'' region is also now complete.  It now houses the sections for 

        the Isthmian League (1905-2012),

        the Combined Counties League (1978-2011),

        the Eastern Counties League (1935-1997),

        the Essex Senior League (1971-2011),

        the Kent League (1972-2011) and

        the Sussex County League (1920-2012).




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