Non-League Tables 2012-2013


Steps 1-4

Steps 5-6

Step 7+ North-East

Step 7+ North-West

Step 7+ Midlands (East)

Step 7+ Midlands (West)

Step 7+ South-East

Step 7+ South-West

Northern Ireland



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This is a replacement page which had to be slotted onto the site on April 21st when a round of technical difficulties suddenly struck.

This page is being completely rewritten now that the end of the season is with us.


Final tables for Steps 1-4 of the Non-League Pyramid are now on site.


Steps 5-6 league tables at May 12th have also been added.  Some are 'final tables', whereas others are not - yet.


Steps 7+ final tables are all on site now - in the six sections shown below:


         Yorkshire and the North-East (Step 7+ North-East) +

         Cheshire and the North-West (Step 7+ North-West) +

         Midlands (East) - Lincolnshire to Hertfordshire +

         Midlands (West) - Staffordshire to Somerset +

         South-East +

         South-West - Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.


Tables for leading leagues Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are now also on site.