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Two seasons done ... quite a few more to follow

Welcome to the 1919 + page.  Two seasons are ready for perusal, being:


1919-1920 to 1920-1921


The league tables which appear on the individual season pages come from the following competitions (where these have been available):


Athenian League, Isthmian League, Midland League, North Eastern League, Northern League, Southern League, Spartan League, Wearside League, Western League, Yorkshire League, Football League, Scottish League, Highland League, Irish League, Welsh League, Birmingham & District League,Cheshire County League, Kent League, Lancashire Alliance, Lancashire Combination,

Leicestershire Senior League, London League, Manchester League, Northamptonshire League, Northern Alliance and Sussex County League.


1921-1922 to 1925-1926


After a series of editing problems there are now pages for the 1921-1922 season through to the 1925-1926 season - a run of five.  Some minor amendments are still needed with one or two of these pages, but the information, at least, is finally in place.

Other seasons, from the 1920s, will be added in due course.