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  • jon b
    jon b replied to the thread Coronavirus.
    Yes, the vaccination response is looking a real success story. As was the rapid and efficient construction of the Nightingale hospitals...
  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread Celebrity Deaths 2021.
    The Italian film producer Alberto Grimaldi has died at the age of 95. Grimaldi is most famous for his work with Sergio Leone on For A...
  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread Celebrity Deaths 2021.
    The legendary stuntman/arranger Remy Julienne has sadly died of Covid-19 at the age of 90. He was a veteran of more than 1,400 film, tv...
  • Oxpete
    I once went to a Middx County League game - Marsh Rangers v Sutton Common Rovers @ Hillingdon Stadium. Didn't know it had been targeted...
  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread Prefer one or two commentators?.
    I rarely get to watch football on telly these days, so the commentators I come across tend to be on the radio. As a...
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  • willesden
    Some pics here of Granleigh Road...
  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread January 26.
    Four of note... Saturday 26th January 1991~ FA Cup 4th Round Portsmouth 5-1 AFC Bournemouth ...with four goals from Guy Whittingham...
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  • willesden
    willesden reacted to essexian's post in the thread Walthamstow Avenue FC (the original) with Like Like.
    As an Avenue fan from 1968 to the very last match they played in May 1988, I can only outline what I saw during the build up to the end...
  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread January 25.
    These four... Saturday 25th January 1986~ Division Two Portsmouth 1-0 Middlesbrough ...mind-numbing cold and boredom. A late Nicky...
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  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread January 24.
    Only two to get excited about... Saturday 24th January 1981~ Division Three Portsmouth 3-3 Blackpool Just a couple of weeks before...
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  • Oxpete
    Oxpete reacted to The Willows's post in the thread January 24 with Like Like.
    Saturday 24th January 2009 Lewes 0 Mansfield Town 1 (598) This was probably my favourite away day during our first season in the...
  • jon b
    jon b reacted to sunny nunny's post in the thread Coronavirus with Like Like.
    My elderly relations who've had the jab seem to have had few problems with side effects but younger family members who work for the NHS...
  • Oxpete
    Oxpete replied to the thread January 23.
    Five of note... Saturday 23rd January 1988~ Division Four Swansea City 1-1 Halifax Town I was still learning to love the Swans at this...
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  • Oxpete
    Oxpete reacted to prorege's post in the thread January 23 with Like Like.
    1990, Tuesday Scottish Cup Round Three Replay Dundee United v Dundee, 1-0, Att 15,503 At Tannadice Park Arabs: Alan Main, Freddie Van...
  • paulh66
    paulh66 replied to the thread 20Q #1217.
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