The Most Goals You've Seen In A Game


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Dec 7, 2019
Warrington Town are #1, Leeds Utd, Stranraer, Matlock Town, Warrington Wolves RLFC
Clawddnewydd 0 Henllan 17
Dyrny Summer League
Highest goals for an in total
Next best probably 14


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Dec 7, 2019
Crewe Alexandra.
13 – 2 at White Hart Lane.
They had drawn 2 – 2 just 4 days earlier at Crewe.

Tom Coleman & Bert Llewellyn scored for the Alex who were cheered off by the whole crowd at the end of the game..
Went the home game but dad wouldn't let me go the away game.

It had a bad affect on me , Spurs was tick number 92 ?

By the way it's Tim Coleman and even that's a nickname , his name was Neville James Coleman.


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Dec 8, 2019
Witham Town, Rochdale and West Ham United.
Almost matched my highest (2-10) tonight when our Under 18's beat their Cornard counterparts 9-2.


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Dec 10, 2019
United Counties League, 20/08/16

Burton Park Wanderers 0 - 15 Whittlesey Athletic (HT 0 - 3)

Fortunately, for BPW, Whittlesey withdrew from the league in September and the result was scratched. They still came bottom though, conceding 128 goals.


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Dec 7, 2019
Tonight. This very evening. What to do with myself ?

Should I make a start on these VAT returns, or should I go to the football ? It's a pleasant evening, so the VAT can wait, I'm off to the football. And boy, did I get that wrong...

A twenty-five minute bus journey takes me to Silver Jubilee Park, where there is a Southern Counties Floodlit Youth League, Delphian Division, game between Hendon U18s and Hammersmith College. The College, in their first season in the League, should have played two games already, but have postponed both of them, (alarm bells ?), while Hendon have won their only League game, but have been knocked out of the FA Youth Cup, so it could be quite interesting. Sadly, it wasn't.

For the record, the goals came on 2, 3, pen6, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 19, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31, 33, pen35, 38, 39, 42, HT, 46, 47, 52, pen54, 65, 66, 68, 72, 73, 75 79, 81, 82, 84, 87, 89 & 90.

Yes, if you've bothered counting, that's 36-0. The College turned up with only ten men, and chose to put an injured player, who could barely stand, in goal. The Hendon keeper, who didn't have to make a save all night, and didn't even touch the ball unitl the 36th minute, was allowed to take the penalty on 54 minutes, as at that point he was the only Hendon player who hadn't scored.

Quite what the point of a game like this is I have no idea. Full credit to the College boys for seeing it through and playing the game in the best of spirits. Their management/coaching team however, who spent a large part of the game abusing and mocking their own side, should be ashamed of themselves.


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Dec 7, 2019
Biggest scores I have seen:

17 Sep 19 - Ringwood 13 Mudeford Mens Club 0 - Bournemouth Saturday Senior Cup.

6 Apr 16 - Fleet Spurs 7 Laverstock & Ford 4
14 Dec 16 - Christchurch 11 Pewsey Vale 1
(Both Wessex Div One)

31 Mar 10 - Fawley 10 Andover New St 1
- Wessex Div One

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