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Mar 10, 2020
I had a look at some of my old Wisden's at the weekend and the 1980 JPL match which I referred to earlier on this thread was between Warwickshire and Somerset at Edgbaston on 7th September that year. According to the Wisden report, there was a crowd of 11,000 present for what was a top of the table clash, so perhaps there were some posters or lurkers on this forum there?

The batsman given out for obstruction was DJS Taylor who kicked the ball away when the late Bob Willis tried to run him out. I have to say though that this wasn't immediately obvious to me when watching on TV and it probably would not have been to the spectators in the ground either.

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Dec 7, 2019
The first ODI match in cricket history was hastily agreed to be played between Australia and England in 1971 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It happened during the occasion of the third Test, which was called off after incessant rainfall had washed out the first three days of the match with the Australian cricket board taking a hefty financial blow as a result.

It was then that both teams decided to settle for a one day match, similar to the domestic Gillette Cup played in England since 1963, on what would have been the fifth day.

This after frantic discussions between the two sides, which also involved Sir Donald Bradman, in efforts to recover some of the money that was lost due to the washout. A recommendation to play a replacement Test at the end of the series was dismissed as England eventually settled for the one-dayer.

But there was eventually an extra Test and it was staged at Melbourne. The Victoria v. MCC game that was due to be played between the scheduled 4th and 5th Tests at Sydney and Adelaide was scrubbed to make way for it.
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