Saturday 10th April 2021


Junior Team Regular
Dec 10, 2019
Colchester United
Stocksbridge Park Steels
Borussia Dortmund
Dorset Senior League Cup

Stalbridge Recreation Ground, Park Grove, Stalbridge

Stalbridge 1(0) Cranborne 1(1)

Blue Shirts & Shorts Orange Shirts & Shorts

Attendance 36 + 3 Dogs (Headcount)

Admission Free No Programmes

Large recreation ground on the outskirts of the village shared with the cricket club. Location on top of a hill with excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Pitch fully railed with dugouts. Club secretary confirmed as ground on public land socially distanced spectators allowed.

A close game with the two sides well matched. The visitors took the lead shortly before half time with a twice taken penalty. Brandon Huckstepp’s first effort was saved but for some reason the ref ordered it should be retaken. The hosts equalised midway through the second half with a close range effort.

Good to be back watching live footie!


First Team Sub
Mar 10, 2020
Mid-Sussex League, Championship (top group) 2 pm

Southwick 1882 v. Holland Sports 2-0 (H/T 1-0)

Entry free, programmes available (24 pages, excellent)

Crowd – c. 50

With this being the last of the three matches scheduled for Southwick Recreation Ground this season, I decided to attend this match, which was the first I have ever seen in the Mid-Sussex League. Ideally, I would have preferred to have ticked this venue for a Midway FC home game when they were in the Sussex County League in the mid-late 1980’s (I believe they were programme issuers for at least some of that time) but obviously this was likely to be my last chance to tick the recreation ground for a match with a programme, given that Southwick 1882 are regular issuers.

So, on what was one of the coldest Saturdays I have ever known in any April, I travelled by on the 405 bus from Coulsdon South to Redhill and then took the train from there to Southwick, which is only about six or seven minutes walk from the pitch if you enter via Croft Avenue rather than the official entrance in Old Barn Way. The enclosed ground, which I had ticked in 1983-84, is in a bit of a mess, with much of the spectator accommodation having been demolished but as cover for spectators is not mandatory at this level, and as the pitch is still in reasonably good condition, a return there next season should not be too difficult to achieve. The pitch used for this match is separated from the enclosed ground by a small car park and a couple of large leisure centre buildings. There is a small amount of cover attached to one of these buildings but the view of the pitch from there is slightly obstructed by trees.

There is no cricket square on the recreation ground, just a lot of other football pitches, and when I passed it on the train on my way to the Isle of Wight on 24th April, there were a lot of children’s matches taking place at the venue, which (rather than cricket, as had been erroneously reported elsewhere) is perhaps the reason why Southwick could not play home games after 10th April.

Southwick 1882 had won each of their previous two games 5-0 but Holland Sports proved to be slightly more difficult opponents. This match added to my collection of teams with ‘Holland’ in their name I had seen play, the others being Holland FC (Clacton-on-Sea) Hollands & Blair (Kent) USV Holland (Dutch amateurs) plus, if I am allowed to cheat, Holand IL (sic) from Norway.

As with most other matches I have attended since the start of April, this one had a short half-time interval and so ended quite early, giving me time for a quick look around Southwick town centre before catching the 15.59 train to Brighton. This was something I had not done on my visit to the enclosed ground as I had used Fishersgate station then. Southwick town centre, which is only about two or three minutes walk northwest of Southwick station, has some interesting (but not ugly) 1960’s style architecture and is quite pleasant, being free of litter, graffiti and beggars.

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