Plymouth & West Devon League Premier Cup - 2020/21


First Team Hopeful
Dec 7, 2019
AFC Bournemouth, Sunderland, Barnet, Verwood Town
1st Round - Saturday 5th December 2pm unless stated
Horrabridge Rangers v Saltram Athletic
Roborough Rangers v Plymouth Parkway 2nds (1200)
Belgrave v Mainstone Social
FC Tavyside v University of Plymouth (1330)
Princetown v Mountwise
Pennycross v Plymouth United
Millbridge v Torpoint Athletic 4ths
Millbridge 2nds 3-3 (11-12 pens) Tavistock Rovers (played 24 Oct)
Morley Rangers v Plymouth Hope
Tamar View v Castle Loyale (1600)
Signal Box Oak Villa 2nds v Signal Box Oak Villa 1sts

2nd Round (tbc)
DC Auto Repairs v Lakeside Athletic (5 Dec)
Horrabridge Rangers/Saltram Athletic v Roborough Rangers/Plymouth Parkway 2nds
Belgrave/Mainstone Social v FC Tavyside/University of Plymouth
Mountwise/Princetown v Pennycross SC/Plymouth United
Millbridge/Torpoint Athletic 4ths v Tavistock Rovers
Morley Rangers/Plymouth Hope v Tamar View/Castle Loyale
Hooe Rovers v Horrabridge Rangers 2nds (5 Dec)
Plymouth Vaults v Signal Box Oak Villa 2nds/1sts

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