Penalty or not?


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Dec 7, 2019
Doncaster Rovers
I have viewed this footage from Reading v Manchester United in the WSL and if that is a penalty then the laws of the game need to be changed.


If this is the standard of refereeing in the WSL someone in the FA needs to take responsibility for such poor standards of officials in the Women's professional game in England.

funky pigeon

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Dec 22, 2019
Male referees can make equally bad errors when awarding penalties. I remember seeing a Premier League game on TV a few years ago when a penalty was awarded for a foul which was very clearly a good few yards outside the penalty area.

jon b

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Dec 9, 2019
Sheffield Utd/Wed/FC
I suppose the defender's arms going so high as she jumped misled the ref and there was no VAR to rescue her from a calamitous mistake.

I don't know what the sisterly sympathy among women referees is like, but from reading Howard Webb's autobiography it's clear that a male referee making such a clanger (and no doubt there's been many such occurrences) would receive pretty merciless gleeful "banter" from fellow refs.

Of course, in times past, such monumental errors would be witnessed only by those at the game and there wouldn't be slow motion replays to confirm the ref's howler. Now, thanks to YouTube and comic football DVDs the lady concerned will never hear the end of it. Not a good day at the office.
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