March 26th

Stoodley Pike

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Dec 9, 2019
Friday 26th March 1999
Southend United 0 Hull City 1 (HT 0-0)
Football League, Division Three (7.45)
Attendance 4,149
Programme £1.70 (40pp, see below)

One of the few (with hindsight, maybe only) benefits of having at this period in my life a job requiring frequent Sunday - and annoyingly regular Saturday - working was the opportunity for midweek days off. I managed to secure Friday and Saturday this particular week, a back-to-back arrangement rendering palatable a long old drive, from the Aire to the Thames, for another notch on ‘The 92’ bedpost.

Leaving home (hilly Haworth, back then) shortly after the Aire Valley rush hour ended provided plenty of pre-match time to explore Southend, which was a pig to get to after leaving the wide, open spaces of the M11 (this was 20 years ago). I remember it being a glorious, sunny day. Joining hundreds of others, I went for an aimless wander along prom and pier, gazing across to the Medway estuary. I love this time of year: getting warmer and sunnier but still with a nip in the air; buds and blossoms springing; songbirds returning; the promise of progressively lighter evenings in the weeks ahead. Makes being stuck indoors even more frustrating.

The football, a grim relegation battle under the Roots Hall lights, was more prose than poetry. At kick-off, Southend lay sixth-bottom, two places and three points better off than Hull (t’Targers, to their fans). Scarborough, three points adrift of Hartlepool United, brought up the rear. In his programme notes, Shrimpers manager Alvin Martin remarked: “On too many occasions this year we’ve lacked a killer instinct or lost concentration at vital times, and so we have seen the consequences of these failures in terms of results. One thing is for sure, tonight’s game will give many players an ideal opportunity to put the record straight. I will be looking for an immediate response.”

Martin’s exhortations fell on deaf ears. With 75 minutes on the clock, and a goal looking as likely as a Conservative General Election victory, Southend’s Leo Roget was sent off, for a wild lunge at Colin Alcide, a second bookable offence. Roget, incidentally, featured in the programme as BBC Essex sports editor Robin Chipperfield’s Blue in View. Some sort of curse, obviously. Immediately, the visitors played with renewed urgency and, six minutes later, Welshman David D’Auria volleyed the goal that gave Hull a third straight win. In protest, Martin resigned, though he did have the decency to wait until after (only minutes after, mind) the final whistle. In the event, Southend finished 18th, Hull 21st. Occupying bottom spot ended Scarborough’s two-decade stint as a Football League club. The Seadogs were a point behind Carlisle United, who have flirted on a number of occasions with non-league football. Their time, surely, will come.

Included with the programme (why, I don’t know) was a reproduction of the 12-page programme (6d, I’ll PM AV1960 for an explanation) ‘The Pride of Prittlewell’ issued for the opening match at Roots Hall. Third Division (South) rivals Norwich City were the visitors, for a 3.15 kick-off, on August 20th, 1955. The repro even includes handwritten team changes! In the foreword, Alderman H.H. Smith, Shrimpers chairman, wrote: “Seven or eight years ago, the idea that Southend United should possess its own ground [they’d been playing at Southend Stadium, a dog track on Grainger Road] was more of a dream than a reality. The difficulty of securing a suitable central site was obvious – that of equipping even more apparent. Today we are in the proud position of seeing our dream largely, if not altogether, realised. Much remains to be done, and to accomplish it we seek the co-operation of all our supporters.”

I was taken with Roots Hall, like so many football grounds created from a rubbish tip. Apparently, during construction, the rubbish took a year to clear! I found it a compact arena with an interesting mixture of stands. I sat in the double barrel-roofed structure opposite the main stand. A fairly recent addition - 1994 - was the apartments behind and above the near end goal, a tiny, two-tier, all-seat stand replacing the former 72-step south bank. Despite residents’ windows offering a splendid free view, straight down the pitch, nobody could be seen watching from any of the apartments. Always the same, eh?

All that remained was the benighted slog home. At this time, a four-lane section of the A1 between Peterborough and Alconbury was being installed. At 50 miles per hour, limit enforced by speed cameras, it took forever to get through, especially as I was starting to feel cream crackered. This high capacity stretch of the A1 always strikes me as a white elephant. Is it ever busy?

Roget’s sending-off and D’Auria’s goal:

Netherfield 2 Accrington Stanley 2 (1991, Northern Premier League, Division One). Notable because this was the first game I attended after passing my driving test. I’d been working in Carlisle during the day then bombed down to Kendal via the sweeping bends of the empty A6. Perfect for trying out the lush 1275GT Mini Clubman, a milk chocolate pocket rocket, I’d bought for £500 from a colleague.

I was a very late starter on the driving front. As one half of seventeen-year-old twins (with two seven-year-old twins also on the family roster), I found Dad unwilling to fork out twice - or even once! - for insurance. In three years at university, I really didn’t require a car. Fervently pro-rail, I was happy to rely on trains - or Shanks’s pony or mates who did drive - for getting about. Only when I started full-time work, in the public transport desert of Cumbria, did the necessity to drive soon become apparent.

Unfortunately, the instructor, a certain Mildred, I picked strung me along. In the end, frustrated she couldn’t see the progress I felt I was making, despite her copious note-taking during every lesson, I gave it up and simply drove all over the place, using L plates, in the car of my then-girlfriend (accompanied by her, obs). At length, my girlfriend persuaded me to have another go. A colleague recommended an instructor, John. “Have you driven much at night?” he asked, when we spoke on the phone. “Lots of times,” I replied. “Well, let’s have a drive round for an hour, see what you’re like.” As we drew to a stop, with the hour up, he turned to me and said: “I can’t teach you anything. Put in for your test now.”

Passed first time. Bit nervous about the emergency stop. The only other I’d done with my instructor was on the morning of the test. I got the impression the examiner was looking for confidence as much as anything. Not a problem. I daresay I had way more driving experience than most first-time driving test candidates! Now, rightly or wrongly, I travel by inconvenient, expensive, overcrowded, unpunctual train less than once in a month of Sundays.

Parkside Road has always been a favourite ground. It has a decent atmosphere and quirky facilities. Its liberal applications of black and white paint leave one in no doubt who plays there. Netherfield (Kendal Town now, of course) led Accrington 1-0 at half-time but had to settle for a 2-2 draw. 388 watching.

I opted to drive home via the A591, the tortuous, Mini-friendly route linking Kendal and Keswick via Dunmail Raise. In the dark, I nearly overcooked a ’90 right’ near Ambleside. Thankfully, the road holding of the ‘proper’ Mini was fantastic. Like being on a go-kart. As the guy I bought mine from remarked: “You don’t ride in a Mini, you ride on a Mini.” Not owned a car as much fun since. Being 6ft 1in, though, I've come to appreciate more spacious rides.

Other sports:

Keighley 21 Huddersfield Barracudas 10
(1986, rugby league, Division Two). A late season evening fixture between two of my favourite teams at one of my favourite grounds, Lawkholme Lane, then in its pre-Cougars state of splendid dilapidation. Silsden FC (2003-10) and Steeton FC (2017-20) later played at what became Cougar Park. Plenty of posters will have visited during the footballers’ occupation.

I sat in the 1933 (later extended) wooden main stand, best vantage point in the place. Nothing at stake but an entertaining contest, nonetheless. The sparse crowd - 576 - indicates the low ebb to which both clubs had fallen. Fast forward, however, and by 1997 Keighley were capable of attracting 7,845 to Lawkholme/Cougar Park for a Challenge Cup quarter-final against St Helens while Huddersfield, benefiting from sugar daddy Ken Davy’s largesse, have gone on to become Super League stalwarts.

I called in at Lawkholme during the afternoon of the Fartown game to take a few pictures (two of which are attached), chiefly to finish a roll of black & white film with something more interesting on the early frames. In 1986, the ground’s little ‘scrattin’ shed’, opened in 1937, was still in existence. Those who stood at the front of its oddly sunken terracing had an unusual ‘worm’s eye’ view of the action. All boots and ankles. Also, this was before Keighley had sold to a car dealer the land, at the Hard Ings Road end, housing the ground’s impressive frontage and half its kop. Shame both bits of Lawkholme had to go, to pay off mounting debts, before the memorable ‘Cougarmania’ investment years.

Celtic Crusaders 62 St Albans Centurions 0
(2006, rugby league, Northern Rail Cup, Group One). Down in soggy South Wales on a Laugharne holiday mentioned in an earlier thread. There was nothing on this final group fixture: Crusaders, in their debut season, had qualified for the last 16; Centurions were eliminated. But the weather was so bad, I decided I’d be as well watching it as doing anything else. Before leaving for Brewery Field, Bridgend, then a couple of times during the journey, I rang to check the match was going to survive torrential rain. No problem, I was told. Couldn’t believe the pitch when I arrived. It was a lake.

Ahead went the game. A farcical spectacle, really. One or two players must have gone close to drowning, certainly in a corner of the ‘deep end’. By full-time, every participant was plastered in mud, head hair to toenail. Impossible to identify team let alone player. For the first time, Crusaders named an all-Celtic XVII, comprising fifteen Welshman, a Scot and an Irishman. The hosts, recording a seventh consecutive victory, scored 11 tries against an amateur St Albans side included in the Northern Rail Cup as representatives of National League Three. Conditions deteriorated so badly as the game progressed, Crusaders were kept scoreless for almost 30 minutes of the second half. Crowd reported as 350.

At the end of the season, Crusaders relocated to the Racecourse Ground, Wrexham. They disbanded two years later. Highest attendance Crusaders attracted to Brewery Field was 15,000, for a 2006 Bryan Adams concert they organised as a fundraiser.

Brewery Field - between 1951-57, its lease held by the Rugby Football League - is a substantial ground better known for hosting rugby union. I recall being impressed by the facilities, chiefly a couple of sizeable stands. Bridgend Town FC played at the ground between 2009 and 2013.


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Dec 7, 2019
Wednesday, March 26th 1980. Southern League South.
Addlestone v Fareham Town 1-1 (0-1). Att: 140.

My first visit to Liberty Lane, now, of course, covered in housing. It was very basic, but I rather liked the place, and especially the long, low enclosure that ran almost the full length of one side of the pitch, and was where most of the regulars gathered.

This is only really worth mentioning because it was the game at which I first met Mick Burt, or 'Millwall Mick' as he was sometimes referred to in the early days. (Despite his love for Millwall, he didn't like his nickname). He was standing in the enclosure with Colin Kempster, Fred Flood and a couple of others, and Colin beckoned me over to join them. As was so often the case on these midweek evening jaunts, the football wasn't up to much, but the company more than made up for it.

PS. A stunning photograph of the stand at Lawkholme Lane, Stoodley.
Somewhere in the archives of the Keighley News, (1966 ?), there is a photograph of yours truly, and a few others, in said stand, who had volunteered to spend the summer holidays painting the place.


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Dec 31, 2019
26th March 2011
Stourport Swifts 4 Andover 2
Southern League South and West Division

My only visit to Walshes Meadow and the only season in which these two Clubs have ever met and with the end of the season approaching, they were two sides whose fortunes were very much on the wane. Andover arrived with just eleven points from thirty three matches, and still had eleven at the end of the season, but at least - mainly due to the herculean efforts of Manager Andy Leader, they fulfilled all their fixtures. Stourport had won the earlier fixture at The Portway and so completed a double but little of the game sticks in the mind, though six goals was a bonus (especially as they were not all conceded by Andover) with the only other memory being that the match was played throughout to the background of music from a Fun Fair just outside the ground.
Andover duly finished bottom of the table and controversially folded in the close season (the Andover Town currently playing in the Wessex League has no connection other than using the same ground) and Stourport finished 17th. They then finished bottom the following season and dropped in to the Midland League where, happily, they are still competing.
it was a pleasant afternoon at a Club run by nice people but it was a sad season for those who had followed Andover for many, many seasons through thick and thin - mainly the latter - and finally
if one is allowed to go back a couple of days the Bay City Rollers were never on my hit list but still watching The Hollies every year is a different matter. Brilliant!


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Dec 7, 2019
only four on this date

pick of the bunch:
1977 - Division 4 - Brentford 4 Swansea 0
Brentford seemed always to be in the lower reaches of Div 4 at this time - bottom 4 at the time of this game - but often did well against the top teams at home. This was the best example, a great performance. Terry Johnson got two (one penalty) but Steve Phillips, a great little player, was my MOM. Good crowd of 6200.
Bees prog at the time was very good, 12p for 16 pages.
Swans finished fifth in the end, so missed out on promotion by one point, and Bees improved to finish 15th in the table. Alan Curtis and Robbie James played for the visitors. Won't list the Brentford side as they're all famous ;-)

Other games on this date less memorable but include only visits to date to Barnham and Ringwood.
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Dec 7, 2019
Fife clubs
March 26th 1986

Friendly International

Scotland v Romania, 3-0, H.T. 2-0, Att 53,589

At Hampden Park

Scotland warmed up for the Mexico 1986 World Cup with a comfortable 3-0 win over Romania at Hampden Park. Alex Ferguson was in temporary charge of the national team following the death of Jock Stein. The Scotland side was:

Andy Goram, Richard Gough, Maurice Malpas, Graeme Souness, Davie Narey, Willie Miller (Sub Alan Hansen), Kenny Dalglish, Gordon Strachan (Sub Pat Nevin), Graeme Sharp (Sub Charlie Nicholas), Roy Aitken and Eamonn Bannon.

Romania’s side included Hagi and Camataru but the other names don’t mean much to me. Goals by Gordon Strachan, Richard Gough and Roy Aitken were enough to give Scotland the win. Strachan’s goal was a sublime chip. Gough and Aitken provided good finishes but were helped by some poor marking in the Romanian defence.

Scotland’s shorts are worthy of special mention. This was the season of the hideous Suspender Belt design, derided by players and fans alike.

It’s interesting to see an attendance of well over 50,000 for a Friendly match at Hampden. I know that the national team were more successful then than now but there was also wider support for international football. Nowadays Rangers and Celtic fans are highly unlikely to get off their bigoted behinds to support Scotland – the Huns favouring England and the Dims supporting Ireland. Also, back then almost every provincial club would have run supporters buses to Scotland games but not now. Supporting Scotland, be it at rugby or football, has become the preserve of a particular type of Tartan Fanny who is not in any way representative of normal club supporters.

By 1986 I was in the world of employment so a midweek game at Hampden would not have been an excuse for a beverama. Instead it would have been a drive though, parking near King’s Park railway station for a quick getaway afterwards, and possibly a pint in the Beechwood behind the Celtic end of Hampden. The old North Stand had bene demolished by this time and Hampden’s capacity was reduced to 65,000. I would have been in the Celtic End. Probably ast the north-east corner of the ground.

Scotland had a fine range of talent in their squad back then. Souness, Dalglish, Strachan and Miller were genuinely class players. The only member of that team that I could never take to was Graeme Sharp – he was crap for Dumbarton and no better for Scotland. He seemed to do ok for Everton, however. Roy Aitken wasn’t everyone’s Cup of tea but he was a fine enforcer. With Souness and Miller alongside him, few would pass.



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Dec 7, 2019
Sunderland AFC,
Keighley Cougars RLFC
Barclays League Division 3
York City 2-1 Sunderland
Att: 8,878

Denis Smith returned to Bootham Crescent for the first time since leaving in the summer to take charge at Roker. York were managed by Bobby Saxton, who would go on to be Peter Reid's assistant at Sunderland. Sunderland were in 2nd place in the table, The Minstermen were bottom and pretty much doomed to relegation.

Official attendance was 8,878, but it's estimated that there were many more, in the Sunderland section at least. Several supporters climbed floodlight pylons to avoid the crush in the away end.
Sunderland gave a debut to Dougie McGuire, on loan from Celtic, but his SAFC lasted just 45 minutes, being replaced at half time by Colin Pascoe, who's career at Roker was much more successful. It was Pascoe who scored Sunderland's goal, on 83 minutes, but it was only a consolation. Goals from Ian Helliwell and Dale Banton had given York a two goal lead.


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Dec 9, 2019
All that remained was the benighted slog home. At this time, a four-lane section of the A1 between Peterborough and Alconbury was being installed. At 50 miles per hour, limit enforced by speed cameras, it took forever to get through, especially as I was starting to feel cream crackered. This high capacity stretch of the A1 always strikes me as a white elephant. Is it ever busy?
It's a wonderful piece of road. Surely this should be the aim of all road widening schemes: a project that adds such capacity that the road is never subsequently busy even 20 years later. I do admit that, as someone who lives two miles from this stretch of road, I might be slightly biased.


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Dec 7, 2019
Stourbridge, Welton Rovers
A rare treble for me on Saturday 26th March 2011:

10.30 Cirencester Town Academy 1 Dorchester Town Academy 0 (South West Counties Youth League) Att: 12 h/c f&n

This really wasn't very good. The pitch was hard and uneven, which didn't help, but none of the players caught the eye, other than the Magpies' right back. The goal was well taken and came midway through the first half.

The game was played on one of the outside pitches at the Corinium Stadium. Just grass and goalposts. A one mile drive to:

12.30 Siddington 7 Woodmancote 2 (Cheltenham League Division 1) Att: 15 h/c f&n

This was much more enjoyable. Bottom of the table Woodmancote made a real game of this, pulling back to 3-2 midway through the second half before capitulating then losing two players who were red carded after the obligatory 22 man brawl. (Woodmancote were kicked out of the league after this game, I seem to recall)

The setting of this basic village playing field is as picturesque as one would expect. Then a six mile drive and border crossing to:

2.30 Oaksey 0 Bibury 3 (Cirencester & District League Division 1) Att: 21 h/c f&n

Bibury maintained their 100% record but were made to work very hard by a good Oaksey side. The visitors started off in great style and were two up inside 20 minutes. The only goal in the second half was an unstoppable own goal. This was a well contested game and both sides impressed.

The setting is very similar to CHQ United, with a church behind one goal, where a wedding was taking place. All in all, this was a super day out in the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire sunshine.


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Feb 20, 2020
football in Norfolk
Saturday 26th March 1988
Dan Air League (now Combined Counties )
Westfield(Surrey) v Frimley Green @ Woking Park
Score 0-0 Admission may have been free Programme free very basic
Attendance approx 20

My notes say that this was Westfield's first point of the season !
Westfield did have the ball in the net but it was from an
indirect free kick. Frimleys best chance came just before the end when
an effort just rolled past the post.

This is a ground i have not been back to since and has changed
very much from the basic roped off set up of those days !

Saturday 26th March 2011
Central Midlands Hop All matches £3 admission Programmes £1

Phoenix v Kiveton Park 0-0 attendance 227
Thoresby CW V AFC Hucknall 1-1 attendance 289
Parkhouse v Sutton Town 5-0 attendance 246
South Normanton v FC05 Bilsthorpe 6-1 attendance 213

Wednesday 26th March 2014
Southern Counties East Football League
Woodstock Sports v Beckenham Town @ Woodstock Park, Broad Oak Rd
Admission £5 Programme £1
Score 2-6 half time 1-5 attendance 32 official

Match was all over by half time Woodstock had a dreadful season
and only won 3 league matches finishing well bottom
of the 17 team league. There was a big improvement the following season
as they finished 11th but at the end of the 14/15 season financial problems
led to the club folding.

Dr Love

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Dec 7, 2019
Halifax Town
Hamble Club 1-5 Fleetlands
Hampshire Premier League

It's funny how quickly things can change. At the time one of my key motivations for this fixture was the chance to visit Hamble Club before their inevitable relegation out of this league into something I wouldn't have watched at the time. They did stay up, possibly a reprieve, but only completed one more season after this before resigning mid-season. It's been quite a turnabout for them since then and one ground I'd like to go back to and see what they've done to the place. The facility I saw was rather basic and the stand not in the best of conditions.

As for the game, a fairly comfortable away win as would have been expected prior to kickoff. I'm yet to see a side winning at home on this date.


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Dec 10, 2019
Bristol City
St Albans City
Verulam Cycling Club
Tuesday 26th March 1991
Southampton Reserves 1-1 Arsenal Reserves
Venue: Road-Sea Southampton's old ground, Marchwood

The previous summer I had witnessed Jim Leighton concede a goal to Brazil in Turin in the World Cup. Less than a year later, here he was playing on-loan for Arsenal's stiffs in front of a handful of spectators in an abandoned non-league ground.

Working in the Portsmouth area allowed me to tick off plenty of Wessex League grounds including this one of defunct Road-Sea Southampton. Southampton FC were using it for their reserve team games, but I'm pretty sure it hadn't become their official training ground at this point. Anyhow, I don't remember any issues with access to this game, nor any issuing of a programme.


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Dec 7, 2019
Crewe Alexandra.
I'll leave the doubles / trebles and go for something worthwhile.


F A Cup S-F 2nd replay.
@ Burnden Park,
Leeds 1 v 0 Man Utd.
Att - 56,000.

Well after 2 goalless draws -
Sat March 14 @ Hillsborough. 55,000.
Monday March 23 @ Villa Park, 62,500.

the teams met up again in the 2nd replay at Burnden Park.

I was expecting another tight game and it was. Leeds put Bremner into a more forward role and it paid off early doors with Billy hammering in from the edge of the box after 8 mins.

I thought Leeds would close up shop but it was a decent open game with United holding the upper hand but the Leeds defence held together by Paul Madeley was superb. Reaney hardly allowing George Best a touch.

Terry Cooper hat a nasty gash but soldiered on with 4 stitches, Giles ran midfield and Bremner was everywhere, def man of match. This after he had just been awarded ''Player of the Year''.

Sprake . Reaney , Cooper , Bremner . Charlton , Mdeley , Lorimer , Clarke , Jones . Giles , Gray.
Sub - Bates.
Manager - Don Revie.

Man Utd-
Stepney , Edwards , Dunne , Crerand , Sadler , Stiles , Morgan , Sartori , Charlton , Kidd . Best.
Sub - Law for Sartori.

Referee - Jack Taylor ( Wolverhampton ).
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Stoodley Pike

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Dec 9, 2019
Wednesday, March 26th 1980. Southern League South.
Addlestone v Fareham Town 1-1 (0-1). Att: 140.

PS. A stunning photograph of the stand at Lawkholme Lane, Stoodley.
Somewhere in the archives of the Keighley News, (1966 ?), there is a photograph of yours truly, and a few others, in said stand, who had volunteered to spend the summer holidays painting the place.
Good to hear you volunteered to help keep Lawkholme standing. :) Clearly, the Keighley News knows a good photo opportunity when it's presented.

The vulture

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Dec 10, 2019
Division One @ Ewood Park.
Blackburn Rovers 3 Swindon Town 1.
Att : 20,046.

Firstly apologies for choosing another Swindon fixture but this one significant in that it was the final game that I saw in our only ever top flight season.

This was 2nd v bottom with Rovers in with a realistic chance of the title and Town who despite playing decent football had long since looked doomed thanks to a porous defence.

Before the game very generous odds were being given on Jan Aage Fjortoft opening the scoring and Swindon winning (unlikely) or just on him opening the scoring regardless of the result. I declined to accept the opportunity but plenty of others took them up on it.

After 4 minutes Jan A-F had out-muscled Colin Hendry and half volleyed Town ahead from 25 yards. We were well on the way to our 1st away win of the season....that lasted for 3 minutes before Shearer levelled, then Tim Sherwood gave Rovers the lead (probably the last time he adversely affected us before his brief spell as STFC manager). The scoring was completed towards the end of the 2nd half from the spot by that man Shearer. Swindon played well but it really was a strong Blackburn team put together by the wealth of steel magnate Jack Walker.

To date Ewood Park is my 2nd most visited League ground, this being my last visit there. At the time it was 3 sided with just the shell of the big main stand in situ replacing the old bent (following the road contour) Nuttall Street stand.

For me it was the last top flight game I ever saw my team play, a level I doubt we'll ever attain again. These days there is little hope ; the moment we get someone who can tie their own laces they are sold.


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Dec 7, 2019
Cheltenham Town
In 1989, I went to Schalke 04's old ground, where some of the fans tried to get the game called off, losing 3-4 to Darmstadt and leaving the home club at serious risk of dropping down from the 2. Bundesliga. The crowd is given as 8,000 by, so I do not have a more accurate figure.

Also on this date, in 2016 - I saw the highest aggregate number of goals for games in a single day. This was on the SW Peninsula League hop, so I am guessing a few others from the forum were there and some will share my record. 23 goals in all, with the day kicking off at Sticker (6-1 v Wadebridge) then heading to Saint Dennis (6-4 v Millbrook) and finishing at Bude Town (5-1 v Holsworthy). Photos from all three can be found in linked tweets, starting with SW Peninsula hop 2016

Two home games for Cheltenham Town, in 1986 and 2002. On both occasions the visitors were Kidderminster Harriers. In 1986, the away team cruised to a 6-2 win, two goals from Chris Townsend brought the score back after Mick Tuohy, Paul Davies, Graham McKenzie and Kim Casey (2) had given Harriers a 5-0 lead. Casey finished the match by completing his hat-trick. In 2002, Colin Larkin gave Harriers the lead, but there was no repeat scoreline and Tony Naylor levelled and Nathan Tyson, on his Cheltenham debut scored the winner. Crowds of 1274 and 5016 make these the fourth and fifth highest of the date.

The highest being 41,200 at Atletico Madrid's old Vincente Calderon where Granada were beaten 1-0. The other five figure crowd was at the Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, where I have a figure of 30,000 for the league match against Selangor.

Lowest crowds recorded on the date were at Selsey (1983), Easington United (2011) and West Didsbury and Chorlton (2013). Twenty at the first of these, 30 at the other pair. The non recorded figures, at Minehead (1977), Bromley (1991) and Plymouth Parkway (2005) would have been higher. Certainly there would have been other hoppers at Parkway. The W. Didsbury match was another high scorer, 8-2 v Leek CSOB, but the Easington game was more memorable, as before the game I walked down to Spurn Point.


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Dec 25, 2019
Sat 26th March 2005
West Swindon 4 Blunsdon United 2
Wiltshire League Jnr Div 1 Attn 11 f + n

Played at Ballards Ash, a ground with three pitches on a slight end to end slope. Dressing room block at top. All now demolished, grounds levelled a nd splendid new clubhouse built, as now home to Royal Wootton Bassett RU.

Can't remember anything about the game ( a recurrent theme on this thread), but with a scoreline like that I probably enjoyed it! Don't know what happened to West Swindon.....


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Dec 13, 2019
VS Rugby
Wednesday 26th March 1986
Kick off 19:30
Southern League (Midland Division)
VS Rugby 0 Oldbury United 0
Attendance 236. Programme 25p

The third goal less draw in four games for VS and the fourth game in a run of six without concedinga goal.

Kirby Knitters

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Dec 7, 2019
The Knitters.
Div 1. Leicester City 0 Bristol City 0 (16,454)
Int. England 2 Rep of Ireland 1. £4 for East Standing Upper) 34,973. Lineker netted his first England goal in this one.
UCL 1. St Ives 2 Cottingham 0 (42)
Conf North. Hinckley United 4 Redditch United 0.

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