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Dec 7, 2019

The aim of those involved in this list is to provide a comprehensive index of English current and defunct open age Saturday football leagues. This index is missing much information and almost certainly contains some errors.

Amongst the many problems that we have encountered have been leagues that one newspaper describes under one name, whilst a rival newspaper uses another name, eg. XXXX & District League, or XXXX Amateur League.

Another problem is when a league is part of another league, eg North Birmingham League was for part of its existence lower divisions of the Birmingham Amateur Alliance.

Then there is the problem of what leagues included “& District” in their proper names.

As you can see a lot of problems, but if you can help please post any information and / or corrections for the leagues listed and relevant information for any additional league(s) we would welcome this. We would also welcome the source of any information, corrections or additions.

Explanations of Column Headings -

"Foundation" in italics indicates the earliest known season that a league was operating.

"Disbanded" in italics indicates the latest known season that a league was operating.

""Locations" are based on current ceremonial county names and it should be noted that some leagues may include clubs from adjoining counties. Where leagues cover larger areas more descriptive locations are given.


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