July 15th


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Dec 7, 2019
England, Leicester City, Bedfont & Feltham
1995 - Ton Pentre were representing Wales in the Intertoto Cup, the first season it was under UEFA stewardship. With the games at Cardiff Arms Park, the ground that backs onto the National Stadium (whatever it was called at the time), it was inevitable that I would want to see one of the matches.

It was £5 to enter, £2 for a programme and I had an estimated attendance significantly more than the 520 quoted on wikipedia, so other posters comments on this are welcomed.

Two goals from Telmo Pinto in the first half wrapped the points up for the visitors, with a late addition to make the final score 0-3.
I had 640 written down at the time, subsequently amended to the figure in Wikipedia. I assume my original number was based on an estimate, although as everyone was in one stand it would have been hard to get an accurate count. It's hard to remember so many years later, but 520 doesn't seem an unreasonable number.


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Apr 6, 2020
Tottenham Hotspur
Wingate & Finchley
Only one game on this date
Haringey Borough 0 Wingate & Finchley 1 (Friendly) Att 34

The Willows

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Dec 8, 2019
Mansfield Town
Friday 15th July 2011

Mansfield Town 1 Notts County 2 (2,353)

Since the demise of the Nottinghamshire County Cup games like this were regular in pre season.
In 2011 Non League Stags took on League One Magpies, oh how times change.


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Feb 20, 2020
football in Norfolk
Friday 15th July 2016
Like mxhornet I was also at Dereham 0 Norwich under 21 4 in the
Norfolk Invitation Cup at the FDC attendance 226

Saturday 15th July 2016
Friendly Great Yarmouth v Norwich CBS at the Wellesley
Score 0-3 half time 0-0 Admission £2 no paper Attendance around 75
A Saturday when I needed to be home reasonably early which ruled out
cricket so this fitted the bill nicely. Unfortunately the stand was closed
to spectators so sat on a bench in front of it. Can recall next to nothing
about the match but do remember that CBS were easy winners with
a reasonable second half performance after a very dull first half.

Rugby League
Sunday 15th July 2001
London Broncos v Hull FC at the Valley
Score Broncos 20 Hull 24 half time 6-12 Attendance 2847
For the third Sunday in a row I was at the Valley for rugby league.
This was by far the best game of the three and the lead changed
hands four times during the 80 minutes. With less than a minute to go
Broncos were leading 20-18 but Jason Smith scored a last gasp try
which was then converted and Hull duly won the match.

Sunday 15th July 2007
Rugby League South East Conference
St Albans Centurions v South London Storm at High Street Rec Colney Heath
Score St Albans 32 South London 16 half time 10-16
Admission £2 which included programme Attendance around 80
This game was played on a pitch adjacent to Colney Heath Fc which
no doubt many on here have seen football on.
A good match St Albans led 10-0 early on but Storm hit back and
two converted tries just before the interval put them 16-10 ahead.
St Albans levelled soon after the break and for a long time the scores
were 16 each before St Albans regained the lead. St Albans scored
two more converted tries in the final 3 minutes which gave them
a bit of a flattering winning margin.


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Dec 7, 2019
A couple of pre-season friendlies...

Saturday 15th July 2000~
Pre-season friendly
Havant & Waterlooville 1-2 Yeovil Town


Wednesday 15th July 2009~
Pre-season friendly
Kidlington 4-4 North Leigh

...the second of which was a cracking contest, as the scoreline suggests.

The most memorable incident, however, took place behind the goal while my mate Jon was returning to our chosen viewing spot with a couple of pints. A wayward Kiddie shot plopped behind the goal close to the foot of none other than ex-Forest, Villa and Leicester pro Gary Parker. Parker, being born in Oxford and no doubt trying to show off to friends and family, then attempted a first-time volley to send the ball back onto the pitch, but only succeeded in shinning it up into his own face. My mate Jon’s observation of “Ha ha, you never lose it!” was answered with a not unaggressive “Faak off!”

Good news is that Gary Parker now does ‘skills analysis’ for Oxford United. Plenty for him to get stuck into over the past couple of days, then! :D

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