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May 27, 2021
Off to Italy in a fortnight and hoping to pick up a couple of Serie C games. All the home clubs are advertising that Covid 'Green Pass' is condition of entry and everyone will be checked. This appears linked to EU vaccine roll out. Just wondering if UK NHS vaccine passport app is worth anything or if there is another way around before I commit to getting tickets, etc.
Anyone any recent experience?
Thanks in advance


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Dec 7, 2019
Crewe Alexandra.
This was originally put out in early August but I must admit anything may have altered in the last month with Italy not on my radar-

''People who have a certificate from another country in the EU or Schengen Zone, or one of these five countries outside the bloc, do not need to download the Italian version of the pass: certificates from your home country will be accepted in Italy''

Further - Sept 2 - ''That means visitors just need to carry the official proof of vaccination issued by your home country, such as a CDC-approved vaccination card from the US, a provincial immunisation card from Canada or an NHS vaccination certificate from the UK.''
That came from this -


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Jan 12, 2021
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Some changes to kickoff times were announced a couple of days ago for Serie C matches on 28th and 29th September. Lega Pro website has the new times.

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