Friday 18th September 2020

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Reserve Team Hopeful
Dec 12, 2019
Please post fixtures of Friday 18th September 2020 here.

Please read the instructions in the sticky at the top of the page - don't just add a single game as the final post.

John Treleven

First Team Hopeful
Dec 7, 2019
Barkingside v Coggeshall United (8pm) FA Vase
Broadfields United v Aylesbury Vale Dynamos (7.45pm) FA Vase
Fawley v Ringwood Town (7.45pm) FA Vase
Fleet Spurs v Jersey Bulls (7.45pm) Combined Counties Division One TICKET ONLY
Langley v Kidlington Reserves (7.45pm) Hellenic League Division One East @ Arbour Park (reversed and moved to Saturday)
Mersey Harps v Runcorn Sports (7:00) @ Heron Eccles Hub
Rainford United v Poulton Royal Res (7:30) @ Bootle FC
Thame Rangers v Milton Keynes Irish (7.45pm) FA Vase
Virginia Water v Reading City (7.45pm) FA Vase @ Stag Meadow
Not open for further replies.

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