Football is back in the Isle of Man


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Dec 7, 2019
England, Leicester City, Bedfont & Feltham
Union Mills played RYCOB in a friendly last night. There may have been other games as well.

Competitive football is planned from 1 August, with play offs involving six Div 2 teams to decide who replaces Castletown and Pulrose in the top division.

1 Aug: Union Mills v Onchan, Colby v Foxdale

8 Aug: St Johns v Colby or Foxdale, Ayre v Union Mills or Onchan

Castletown and Pulrose have requested relegation. I don't know if they were in the bottom two places as Full Time no longer shows last season's tables.

Not sure if it's yet possible to travel to the island without a period of quarantine on arrival.

More details on the Isle of Man Today website.
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Dec 7, 2019
"In response to the COVID19 Pandemic and in line with Emergency Powers, ALL persons arriving onto the Isle of Man MUST be in possession of a Letter of Exemption issued by the Government Chief Secretary.

Any person arriving on the Isle of Man without a Letter of Exemption, will be refused entry and will be required to return to their point of origin at their own expense."

From the IoM Government webiste

Plans devised for how they work to opening up in stages, but no dates
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