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Jun 6, 2020
I am running a football shirt raffle card to win this original England Euro 96 grey shirt. This is an original shirt and not a retro remake like a lot of shirts on here. Shirt can go for £90-£120 on eBay currently so for £3 if you win you can get yourself a great bargain! Shirt will probably only keep going up in price over the years too! I can post this shirt to anywhere in the world with a tracking number so feel free to enter from whatever country you want. I will be taking payment by Paypal for the raffle squares and people can select more than one team if they would like. How it works is people select a team then I scratch off the winner which I will film and upload to my Twitter and Instagram. My usernames can be seen in the below paragraph. This is my 4th raffle I have done so you can trust that I am genuine with these raffles.

If you are interested it is best to send me a message at my Twitter @myfootballshir1 and I can send you payment details or find me on my Instragram @bradsfootballshirts and we can talk there.

Link to the Twitter is

Scotty BUFC

Junior Team Star
Dec 7, 2019
Boston United

Are you financially benefitting from this, or is it for charity?

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