Berlin - October 2-4


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Jan 24, 2020
Brighton & Hove Albion
Second trip to Berlin in quick succession, got to take advantage of seeing football abroad at every opportunity currently and that's what 3 of us did from Friday-Sunday

Friday 2nd October
Tennis Borussia Berlin 4-2 FSV Union Furstenwalde, Mommsenstadion, Regionalliga Nordost, c500
Second trip within 6 weeks and I've now been fortunate enough to have seen their only two wins. Love the stadium and under the lights on a warm evening for October it was the perfect setting. Decent game although the home side were always in control and missed more chances on top of the 4 converted.

Saturday 3rd October
FC Viktoria Berlin u19 0-1 Borussia Mochengladbach u19, Friedreich Ebert Stadion, Junior Pokal, 150
lovely fresh morning and a pretty nice area in South West Berlin saw us attend the first 70 minutes of this Round 1 match of the Junior version of the pokal. Viktoria had already pre-qualified and played a BM side who while looked superior on the ball, lacked any final product. Played at the home of Croatia Berlin who play in the Berlin Liga the ground was a typical railed off running track in picturesque settings with a small seated stand and some terracing down one side. FUPA site says 150 in attendance but we thought it was a fair bit more. Left early so missed the goal but got to game 2 in time which was

FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin 3-2 Vfb Auerbach, Stadion Lichterfelde, Regionalliga Nordost, 431
Really enjoyed this one. Viktoria had won 8/8 and are flying towards the third tier and went 3-0 with some very well taken goals including an excellent hook over shoulder style finish from their right back. Then Auerbach started to make their chances count and really had the home side worried, especially with the keeper up for a corner in the final minutes. Again the lovely weather made everything nicer but the crowd was spread out around half the stadium. Main stand is a lovely old stand built into some old looking offices with some terracing in front and either side. Modern bar and clubhouse with decent food and drink facilities and a walkway that goes around half the ground were you could perch against the rail overlooking the pitch below you.

Sunday 4th October
FC Union Berlin u19 0-3 Fortuna Dusseldorf u19, Stadion Alten Forserei, Junior Pokal, 1,606
Having never been to Union we jumped at the chance of free tickets to spend a morning at the Forsterie and it didn't disappoint. I'm sure many have been but probably not in an empty stadium! Amazingly 1606 were still in attendance and still made a decent noise for this under 19's game in the sun. Unfortunately the home side lacked cutting edge and were 1-0 when a clear penalty was dispatched. Then we witnessed some comedy goalkeeping where a routine catch from a cross somehow went in. Then a red card followed for Union and it was highly unlikely a comeback was on.

VSG Altglienicke 5-0 Lokomotive Leipzig, Friedrich-Ludwig Jahn Sportspark, Regionalliga Nordost, 547
the stadium probably needs no introduction to people on here but if you haven't been, you should. I believe it's going to be finished at the end of the year so you don't have long. Magnificent floodlights, brilliant bowl with multi-coloured seats and finally some away fans, around 200 from Leipzig who demonstrated an excellent COVID19, spaced out support - they were absolutely battered on the pitch but continued to sing throughout. VSG are second and looked every bit as good as Viktoria Berlin as they calved the away side open on so many occasions.

so 20 goals in 5 matches and even a little bit of a tan, another good weekend in Berlin.

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