27th to 29th August Iceland


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May 31, 2021
Right we have booked flights and hotels and as things stand (Sunday 18th July 2021) we on;y have to have had our two jabs and our vaccination certificate to show as we board our flight to Iceland. Yes, a bit of a pain doing a PCR test in Iceland and booking a day two covid test for the UK, but that's the way it is.
Any way to the important thing
Ground hopping in Iceland.
I plan to do three grounds, one on the Friday night and two on the Sunday, with my friend aiming to do another on the Saturday.
Friday 27th August the plan is Fylkir v Breidablik at the Fylkisvöllur stadium with a 7:15 pm Ko.
For the Saturday my friends current choice is Fram Reykjavik v Grotta (2nd div)
On Sunday, we plan for two matches.
First for a 5pm KO KR Reykjavik v Leiknir Reykjavik at the KR voullurinn stadium, followed by a short taxi ride to Valur v Stjarnan KO 7:15 pm.
At present Fylkir appears to be the only game that we need to buy tickets on line for.
Each game appears to be around 2000 Kr or around £12.
Any tips for grounds or travel in Iceland much appreciated.
Just fingers crossed it goes ahead. Nearly every thing in on free cancellation.
Paid myself £424 for the hotel and breakfast for four nights.
Flights are around £85 return from Stansted.

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Dec 10, 2019
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I'm hoping to get out there next week! Might go and see KR Reykjavik next Monday. Tickets for league games available on the Stubbar app apparently.

Breidablika are playing in the Europa Conference League next Thursday, but not 100% sure how to get tickets to that game yet!
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