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Hungary trip


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Nov 26, 2019, 10:46 PM

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Hungary trip Can't Post or Reply Privately

On Friday 22nd November I arrived in Budapest. (Before departing I got approx. 353 forints to £1).
I purchased a 7 day travel pass for 4950ft as it was a bit more expensive than a 3 day pass & also 900ft for bus 100E into the city, terminating at Deak Ferenc ter on metro line 2 & it passes Ferencvaros ground. My accommodation was very close to Keleti Palyaudvar which is one of the main stations although I didnít use it although I did use the metro there.

My only other trip to Hungary was in May 2003 for a speedway meeting in Debrecen & a football match at MTK. This was long before needing to purchase a fancard before obtaining tickets. More of that later.

It was a cold but sunny day as I visited the Terror Museum.

Later I caught tram 24 to Mupa-Nemzeti Szinhaz then I walked across a bridge. At first I had a bit of trouble finding the ice rink where new buildings appear to be popping up.

Erste Liga, Face off 18:00, Cost (cannot remember but between 1000 to 1500ft)
Saw no progs
HK Budapest 7 (4,1,2)
Schiller Vasas HC 2 (0,0,2)
Att: Approx 220
Venue: Tuskescarnok, Hevesy Gyorgy Ut., Budapest
A smart but cold venue with all seats in dark blue & blue.
One sided game.
MAC Ujbuda play here as well & they play in a league with teams from various countries, mostly Austria.

On way back ended walking across a different bridge but finally made my way back to my accommodation.

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Nov 26, 2019, 11:31 PM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Hungary trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

On Saturday I travelled on metro line 2 to Batthyany ter & then on suburban line H5 from same station to Aquincum station. Walking to the ground I passed Roman Museum & ruins.

Again it was sunny but cold. There was a cold breeze in places.

BLSZ 1 Osztaly (Budapest) (level 4)
Atletikai Sportegyesulet Romai-furdo Gasgyar 0
Fovarosi Vizmuvek Sportkor 0
KO: 11:00 Att: 108 h/c (inc a few away fans with 2 young guys who chanted/sung at times) Cost: Free Saw no progs

Venue: ASR Gasgyar Sportellep, Budapest
6 low concrete floodlight poles each side. Most of the ground is in yellow & green including the concrete walls & buildings. Behind goal where the entrance is netting. For most of the length is a raised wide h/s path with a couple of tiny 5 step wooden benches. Behind is a wide h/s path. The remainder has a rail & h/s path with 3 backless wooden benches & behind is the only cover, attached to club buildings. One side has changing room building with slight overhang above a raised h/s path which goes past the corner flag to past 18yd box. In front is h/s path which goes a bit further before the remainder out of bounds close to the 1st dugout. Thereís a narrow artificial area in corner above a low white wall up 3 steps. Behind other goal is also out of bounds with some grass banking before reaching the wall. The other side is elevated up 7 steps with h/s path at front with grass behind. There are some backless wooden benches. By the half-way line are 2 small wooden areas of benches with 5 rows of yellow & green seats on them. In one corner is narrow artificial area. The toilet urinals were interesting, with a small football goal & a bobbly ball just in front which moves when you hit the target. Sights around the ground are some buildings, a 4 storey hotel, a chimney, while set back a bit is a supermarket, blocks of flats & hills with houses on the bottom half.

Match: 13th v 5th out of 16
GAS wore yellow & a orangey yellow striped shirts with green shorts & socks. Not very nice.
The GAS gk got injured & was replaced by sub gk on 23mins. On 25mins we finally had the 1st shot of the game, GAS shooting just wide. Some tough challenges were going in & the FOV trainer was required to go on the pitch, he strolled across in no hurry & then changed direction & started remonstrating with player who committed the foul. Shots 4-3.

H/t lasted under 12mins. GAS had shot saved after 66 seconds of the re-start. FOV went close before the gk made a save on 65mins. Not long after GAS had a free-kick saved but the close range rebound was put over. On 79mins FOV shot just wide. Shots 4-6.

Inevitability that the poor game ended without a goal. My last 0-0 was recently at Ongar Town on 26/10/19 & my previous foreign 0-0 was at Caernarfon Town on 26/10/18. Co-incidence.

I couldíve gone to an afternoon game but I wanted to do some sightseeing so I went around the Budapest castle area which was very enjoyable. Also Iíd only seen the level 4 & below fixtures a few hours before my departure. They are on:

I went back to my hotel to drop my camera off & I had just over 2 hours before watching the Ujpest game at 19:30 at level 1. To cut a very long story short, I never made it & finally got in the road where the ground is located at approx. 19:20 which was too late due to getting fancard & tickets, although I never saw the ground or the glow of floodlights. I think I passed an entrance towards the ground which wasnít lit up when I was on the bus just before 20:00. Getting back to the city wasnít that easy either. Before arriving in Hungary I did consider going to a game at another town as this didnít look the easiest ground to get to. Iíd only ever not found a couple of grounds previously & they have been at a low standard.

I originally felt obviously disappointed but overall the day hadnít been that bad due to the sightseeing & I wasnít at work. But Iíve had better birthdays.

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Nov 27, 2019, 12:11 AM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Hungary trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Also on Saturday night travelling on tram 14 back to the city I passed Vasas ground (I only found out the next day whoís ground it was) which had the floodlights on although they were away on Sunday. There looked to be a crowd & Iím sure I saw security/police at the ground.

On Sunday I was on Metro line 2 to Puskas Ferenc Stadion station & then got on tram 1 to Nepliget. (Metro line 3 isnít running at the moment at weekends which sees Nepliget on this line. There are bus replacements but some stations donít have any signs telling you where to catch them from). I arrived just before 10am & this is when the ticket office open.

Firstly I had to purchase the fancard. 4 counters were serving & the chatty woman gave me a form to fill in including the ridiculous question of mothers maiden name which has been commented on this forum before. I then had to hand over my passport so she could take more details. Then I had my photo taken & finally palm prints of both of my hands. Absolutely stupid & all for the pleasure of paying 1500ft. This now enabled me to purchase a ticket. Where I tried to get one it was sold out for that area which was a total lie. I did get a good view of the game. More of that later.

I went back on tram 1 & at got off outside MTKís ground who are currently at level 2. Totally redeveloped since I saw a game there & totally ugly. I saw the highlights of Honved who are playing there this season as they are having their own ground redeveloped. I did pick up a small 16 page programme from that game which was at one of the entrances. Across the road is the total opposite type of ground. Level 3 BKV Elore SC ground has a large covered old fashioned stand but nothing else. I managed to get inside this ground.

I dropped my camera off before getting on tram 24 to Kozvagohid & then walking a bit further to the station of the same name for the suburban line H6. I got off at Szent Istvan Utca station & walked a few yards further to watch the game of:

Nemzeti Bajnoksgag II, Merkantil Bank Liga (level 2)
Soroksar Sport Club 1 (42)
Futball Club Ajka 0
KO: 13:00 Att: 201 h/c inc 26 AJK fans (paper said 300) Cost: 1000ft Saw no progs

Venue: Szamosi Mihaly Sporttelep, Budapest
The ground is curved although there isnít a track. Thereís a low white wall with railings on top. The main side has not reaching either 18yd box a canvas covered stand with 4 rows of yellow seats. Either side of stand are 3 or 4 rows of terracing which like all the terracing is closed off. Thereís grass areas on top. Behind one of these is a car park. The other has a long gantry. The terracing continues round the bend with grass banking. Behind the wall are a couple of industrial units & stacked 3 high, lorry containers. The other side has the terracing at 8 or 9 rows although some moss & vegetation is getting a hold. Thereís 3 canvas adverts over areas. The away fans are located in a small section with 4 rows of yellow seats on the terracing. Behind rail is grass & dirt & this goes partly behind the bend. Behind concrete wall at the top is a road & then the railway line. Behind other goal is one of those canvas indoor sport arenas. Behind this are the only floodlights which is an artificial pitch with a small seated area one side & two sides having grass banking.

Match: 16th v 15th out of 19
This was one of the worst matches Iíve ever seen. Yesterdayís poor game was so much better than this. The only shot of the 1st half saw a header go past the gk. Shots 1-0.

H/t lasted over 14mins.
On 66mins SOR gk was substituted due to an injury. On 71mins the gk made a decent save & a shot went just wide on 77mins. Shots 3-6.

Iím glad we got a goal but really this game didnít deserve one. It got really cold towards the end of the game.

I was with the AJK fans & security were as welcoming as in previous trips to Portugal. There were also 2 pitchside who rarely looked away from us. I noticed a woman got her phone out & could see one of them watching her. I noticed I was watched on a regular basis. If the game had been better I may not have noticed.

I then popped back to my hotel before...

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Nov 27, 2019, 12:37 AM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Hungary trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Access into Ferencvaros ground wasnít as bad as I was expecting. The guy advised me to scan my fancard & put my hand in the relevant place. My ticket was never looked at except when I wanted confirmation locating my seat.

Nemzeti Bajnoksag I, OTP Bank Liga (Level 1)
Ferencvarosi Torna Club 3 (5, 14 & 44, miss pen 11)
Zalaegerszeg Torna Egylet 2 (17 & 59)
KO: 18:00 Att: 9,123 (according to paper) (didnít look that many) inc 100+ ZTE fans Cost: I paid 4800ft (+1500ft for fancard) I was given a free 28 page programme

Venue: Groupama Arena, Ulloi Ut., Budapest
All covered stadium which is all seater (2 shades of green). Almost a wrap a round stadium with partial gaps either side of main stand. A concrete wall around the pitch. Main side has 15 rows which is elevated approx 10ft & then 3 rows of boxes with a couple of them having a row or two of seats. The remainder isnít elevated as much & has 34 rows.

At the start was a guy running around with an eagle unlike Benfica (I think) it remained on him. The FTC waterpolo team were paraded around the pitch at the start after winning a trophy.

Match: 2nd v 11th at start of weekend out of 12
Not as cold as towards the end of the earlier game.
ZTE attacked from the start but FTC scored early & when they were awarded a penalty the rout I was expecting appeared likely. Although this struck the post they scored a 2nd not long after. A decent bit of skill moments later saw ZTE get a goal back. FTC header hit the post & the rebound was headed off target. Both sides had efforts go wide but just before h/t the gk was wrong footed with a near post goal. Shots 11-4.

H/t lasted over 16mins.
ZTE had shot saved on 55mins & then the gk made another save but it went straight to player who scored to reduce the deficit again. ZTE continued to attack as FTCís defence looked dodgy. On 74mins a header struck the bar. Seconds later FTC had their 1st shot of the half. The gk then saved with his foot. ZTE didnít look like getting an equaliser. Shots 3-7.

Far better game then I was expecting. ZTE probably deserved a point. Most clubs probably turn up & try to keep the score down by defending. The FTC fans had made a bit of noise also made some good chanting afterwards, one of them to the tune of Auld Lang Syne.

This result put FTC top with a game in hand but I wasnít impressed with their defence. Before this game theyíd conceded 8 goals in 12 games. Fehervar started the weekend top but Mezokovesd who Iíve never heard of went top Saturday but only for a day.

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Nov 27, 2019, 1:00 AM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Hungary trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

On Monday it was cloudy & cold but the sun came out more as the day wore on. I went to Heroes Square & around that area. Just like in Spain a lot of the museums appear to be closed on Mondays but one of the art galleries had a special exhibition which was the only part open so I could visit this.

I later caught the Metro line 4 to Kelenfold station & then caught the train to Szekesfehervar. It cost 2600ft for a return ticket. There are a few more expensive trains which are presumably a sort of inter city train. The journey took 52mins.

It was almost dark on arrival so I went straight to the ice rink as the station is on the outskirts of the town. There was a game coming to the end which must have started at 15:00. The woman at the entrance was surprised Iíd travelled to watch this game.

Erste Liga, at 18:30
Fehervari Titanok 1 (0,0,1)
Gyergyoi Hoki Klub (Romania) 6 (2,3,1)
Att: approx 175 h/c inc approx 40 GYE fans Cost: 600ft for not the main seats Saw no progs
Venue: Gabor Ocskay Jr. Ice Hall, Szekesfehervar
One of the coldest rinks Iíve been to but the snack bar room was nice & warm where they had live coverage of the other game taking place which I thought about going to but I wanted to see a Romanian team.
Not a very big arena with some areas of blue seats, wooden benches & concrete steps painted.
The noisy visiting fans had a lot to cheer about. It was a good game despite the scoreline. If there hadnít have been a couple of hold ups due to punch ups & sorting out the penalties it wouldíve come close to my quickest game with few whistles for long periods.

The woman asked for my opinion at the end which was nice of her. I think this was the end of the Romanians 3 game trip in 4 days.

Fehervar also have a higher standard team which plays in a league with teams from different countries.

I caught the 21:48 train back & there was one last one at 22:48. They then start again really early in the morning.

On Tuesday it was cloudy & cold. I did my last bit of sightseeing around the Parliament area before departing for home.

Although it didnít rain on the way home it was very wet around Gatwick.

Will I go back, probably. Partly due to the ice hockey. Although some of the standards of the football are poor, games at level 4 & below kick off all over the weekend including a Friday game I noticed. Level 1 seem mostly saturday as are level 3 while level 2 are sundays.

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Nov 28, 2019, 11:26 PM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Hungary trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

On the bus this morning I was looking at the paper 'nemzeti sport' with Mondays edition having details of the Ujpest game. Attendance was 2496 @ Illovsky-stadion which is Vasas ground. That explains why I saw no lights at Ujpest & saw the floodlights on at Vasas ground when I passed the ground on the tram.

So Ujpest share with Vasas & Honved share with MTK.

There was a game at level 3, Tallya 29 Ozdi Kohasz 0 (h/t 17-0). Level 3 games appear to be on Sundays & not Saturdays as I previously said.


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