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Saturday 18th May 2019


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May 21, 2019, 12:45 PM

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Re: [Steveb] Saturday 18th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Real Valladolid 0-2 Valencia
La Liga
Att 23,455 (officially 900 away but plenty more in home areas) Adm 60 euro Prog No

Newish-looking all seater some two miles (8 bus stops) outside the town. Nearly full for this one, RV selling tickets for 10 Euro members to celebrate staying up. Valencia needed a win to guarantee Champions League qualification. They didn't have to work too hard for it in the end, both goals (on 38 and 53 mins) coming from home defenders giving away possession cheaply near their own box.

Valladolid is a pleasant, safe place to stay but not a tourist hotspot - very little English is spoken. It is fairly easily reachable from Madrid (about 70 min train journey).

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May 21, 2019, 8:51 PM

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Re: [Richard Rundle] Saturday 18th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

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East Berkshire League Premier Division

Singh Sabha Slough 3-6 Delaford Colts
Admission/Programme/Refreshments - none

Delaford went into the game knowing that a point would be enough to secure the East Berkshire title against the only club that could potentially catch them.

The ground is just a field behind the Singh Sabha Leisure Centre on the northern outskirts of Slough, there are three pitches marked out with this one being played on the one furthest from the leisure centre itself.

I don't know if three officials are normal in this division, but if not the league certainly made the right call to have them here as tensions were high throughout, the away team in particular being particulary mouthy and their management team kept straying onto the pitch with the linesmen on that side having to ask repeatedly for them to move back a little.

With the title riding on I was expecting to see a number of hoppers there, but only came across a couple of guys from Reading,

+2 .... That was us!

Directions N off A4 nr Slough Town Centre up Stoke Poges Rd - Centre clearly marked off to the right (formerly known as the Falcon Centre)

Ye Old Cherry Picker Pub on the left at the previous junction.

Couple of observations:

Delaford making a habit of title brinkmanship - they did this to Langley 12 months ago - I think - hope it wasn't longer but my memory is patchy Tongue - winning handsomely on the ground of the only team able to catch them.

Leisure Centre appeared closed for most of the game so quite a challenge to the bladder -especially having popped into the Cherry Picker just down on the corner pre-match - wouldn't recommend it strangely deserted SL1 type pub and Car Wash - with an unpleasant background aroma and nowt much but John Smiths on offer - reportedly do food too but would seem unduly perilous to opt for.

Dashed to Garage incl Spar (& loo) at HT.

RE Officials -probably league felt beholden to supply three but in some ways -well in particular two - this rather backfired.

i) one of the linesman arrived about 15' late

ii) the one mentioned above was a very unpleasant belligerent individual who really wound up the HOME side and was positively abusive towards them at times. Authoritarian maybe but somewhat out of place at this level and with a very ethnically mixed host side, was bound to engender further hostility. Delaford didn't help his cause either playing up to him regularly throughout.
He certainly alienated them and knew it - fortunately SSS rather resigned themselves to the absurdity of the situation - the home keeper in particular made some hilarious observations - all in a very strong Eastern European accent - and their bench/subs made a point of NOT confronting him finding his aggressive stance rather bewildering.
He missed a couple of offside calls whilst bickering with people on the touch line too.

Spotted a local 'mystery hopper' who occasionally lurks about Scours Lane and other grounds I frequent - he's probably perfectly normal but does not seem to engage with anyone - each to his own of course - sadly he had not picked up on the earlier KO time arriving at about 14:50.

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Jun 3, 2019, 6:28 PM

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Re: [hotchkiss] Saturday 18th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

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HEYFORD ATHLETIC (6) 8 GARSINGTON (1) 1 OXford Senior League Premier Division.No admission.Programme by donation.Att: 91. One sided game with Heyford in complete control against a young visitors team.The ground is situated in Lower Heyford.Sloping pitch with a new clubhouse and dressing room in one corner.Both touchlines were partially roped off.The dug outs we're really tiny with room for about 3 adults in each one.The programmes were available in the clubhouse and there was plenty for all the hoppers.Even the rain kept off.

Also at this one and enjoyed my final game of the season despite it being so one sided. Lovely setting and friendly club with half time cuppa and generous slice of homemade cake (See tannoyboy Twitter for pic) for £1.50 and excellent company..

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Aug 30, 2019, 3:52 PM

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Re: [umbria99] Saturday 18th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Would you believe it, I attended the FA Cup Final on this day rather than ticking a new ground somewhere! Why would a serious groundhopper like myself do such a thing, you may ask? The answer is that ever since I started attending matches in the mid-1970’s, I had always considered it very important to attend an FA Cup final at least once, and this idea pre-dated the concept of groundhopping, which did not come to me until a few years later. Many of you will probably think I’m crazy, and I suspect that many, if not most, hoppers probably couldn’t care less if they went through their whole life without attending the final. Getting a ticket was, obviously, the biggest difficulty. Buying a ticket from a tout, whether in person or via the internet, is never a wise option because you might be sold a forgery and be refused entry. However, before Wembley became all-seater in the early 1990’s, another option would have been to bribe a turnstile operator and then watch the game from the standing areas where your presence would not arouse suspicion. Apparently quite a lot of people who couldn’t get tickets through the usual channels did this, but unfortunately this idea never occurred to me until I read about it in the press a few years after Wembley had become all-seater.

So how did I get a ticket? I was fortunate really in that firstly, a relatively poorly supported club like Watford had reached the final. Secondly, their ticket distribution policy was surprisingly generous. First priority, of course, went to 13,500 or so season-ticket holders. This was less than half of the ticket allocation to each finalist (about 28.000) Now, most finalists with this low number of season ticket holders would allow a limit of two per person. But, perhaps rather surprisingly, Watford only allowed their season-ticket holders to buy one ticket each. This would have been very disappointing to many of them who would have liked to bring along a partner/child/friend, but it gave me a great chance because next in the queue were people on their database who had attended home games in recent years. I had attended just one home since 2015, which was acceptable to them. This game had been against Southampton which I attended mainly because it was on a Sunday when there were no other games on, and also because I wanted to see what their new East Stand was like. It was just about the worst 0-0 draw I have ever attended in professional football, and at the time I wondered why I had bothered! Anyway, I took this opportunity and logged onto the Watford site at 9am on the first date that I could buy. There were several hundred seats still available so I had no problem in buying one for £70 in the north-west corner of the stadium. Watford were also allowing people on their database the opportunity to buy in person at Vicarage Road at the same time, which was the right thing to do because some of their older supporters might not have internet access.

However, if you really want to attend the final, there is always the option of ‘Club Wembley’ which costs at least £1,000 a year for a seat in the middle tier and this gives you free entry to nearly all, if not all, games at Wembley during that time. I believe though that you still have to pay extra for certain big games, such as European finals and possibly the FA Cup final although obviously you will get priority ahead of the public. During Saturday’s game, it was noticeable that there were many thousands of empty seats in the middle tier, and the official attendance of 85,854 seems to suggest that many Club Wembley seat holders had chosen not to attend the game regardless of whether or not they had to buy a separate ticket for it. I suppose that if I reached the age of, say, 80, and had not yet been able to buy an FA Cup Final ticket, I might have been tempted to spend some of my life savings on a Club Wembley seat. Thankfully I no longer have to worry about that. And who’d have thought that the game would have equalled a record of over a hundred years for the biggest winning margin in the final? Even the betting coupons inside the stadium only showed odds of up to 5-0!

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