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Thursday 27th June 2019


Dave 56
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Jun 27, 2019, 9:33 PM

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Thursday 27th June 2019 Can't Post or Reply Privately

Summer League. KO 19:00. (F&N). Crowd 21.

Kirk Langley 2 v 7 Doveridge

Lovely evening for watching football in rural setting. The ground has both football and cricket pitches with a pavillion in the corner providing changing facilities and toilets. Edge of the village with fields one one side and the church on the other.

Doveridge won most of the trophies last season and are once again on target to win the league again this year. This is the first time I have seen them and they are a good side with most of the team under 23 and playing for clubs at a higher level.

The visitors scored on 11 and 13 minutes and looked as though they would run away with it but on 25 minutes the home side pulled a goal back. Doveridge added 2 more before half time.

Kirk had a goal disallowed in the second half but after conceding two more, they pulled another back, conceding the seventh in the last two minutes.


Jun 28, 2019, 10:15 AM

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Re: [Dave 56] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Europa League, Preliminary Road, First Leg
Barry Town United 0-0 Cliftonville
Admission £10. Programme £3. Attendance 2,106

I am surprised that no one has picked up on this already as there was a good selection of groundhoppers present. The combination of the early kick off time and switching the game from Barry to Cardiff made this a relatively easy game to visit.

The reason for playing in Cardiff is down to the artificial surface at Barry failing a UEFA test. All artificial surfaces have to go through these tests and at Barry, the ball apparently rolled about 0.8 cm too far.

This indicates a wearing of the pitch and so the game was switched. I was told that UEFA are clamping down on the community use pitches (at least in UEFA games) and are saying that there should be a maximum of 26 games a year! This rather defeats the purpose of installing this type of surface for many clubs. Some want to hire them out for 26 games a week.

I found it ironic that UEFA have not permitted either Barry or Cardiff Met to use their own stadia for these games, while a year ago used sanctioned the use of both for the Regions Cup.

The ground, inside a track and a fair distance from the pitch is neither the best, not the worst of its type. The crowd is all within the 2500 seat stand with the Cliftonville fans (of which there were good numbers) given one end of the stand but the officials realising that segregation was not necessary.

The match was poor. I do not think any of the neutrals were particularly impressed but it allowed the majority of those present to go away reasonably happy as there is all to play for at Solitude next week.

Thanks to TP Johnson of this parish for procuring my ticket

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Jun 28, 2019, 5:26 PM

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Re: [leohoenig] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Also at this. The game was not good at all, I think Cliftonville will prevail in the second leg on this showing but neither side looked great.

Was very impressed with the turnout, which seemed to be augmented by a good number of Cardiff City fans.

Got my ticket through the FAW website.

Nice unexpected tick in June, in weeks more usually given over to cricket, music and barbecues. I don't tend to bother with friendlies, and I imagine my next game will be Wolves in the Europa League, should I be able to get a ticket for that.

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Jun 28, 2019, 9:49 PM

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Re: [leohoenig] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

In Reply To
Europa League, Preliminary Road, First Leg
Barry Town United 0-0 Cliftonville
Admission £10. Programme £3. Attendance 2,106

Another at this and agree it was a truly awful spectacle - whether it was the unseasonably warm evening, the pressure of earning a (relatively) large sum of UEFA euros or two sides just not match-fit, the game never got going and I'm struggling to think of a chance created by Barry. Cliftonville had the majority of the second half and should have netted at least one of the chances they fashioned down the left but they didn't so it's still all up for grabs next week at Solitude to which I still award the "Bogs from Hell" tag to for their pitch-dark stench-ridden dungeon which you waded through under the old main stand.
Catchagogoal was my chauffeur and parking cost a fiver across the road on Cardiff City's car park which is also where tickets were available for collection right up to kick-off. In between was the Sand Piper pub which was heaving with Cliftonville fans and though some had clearly overdone it, all went off peacefully.
As Leo says, a goodly representation from this forum including gcnc, shifnalshrew, mick and TP Johnson whom I thank for securing and posting out the tickets.
Also spotted was twenty-minute Graeme who chided me for perpetuating a myth. Suffice to say that though he told me he was sitting two rows behind me, when I turned round on the hour or thereabouts, there was no sign of him. Hmmmmmm........Cool

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Jun 28, 2019, 10:03 PM

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Re: [intheshire] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Nantglyn 0-1 Ysceifiog (0-0 HT) at Nantglyn Field (Does it have a proper name?)
Llandyrnog Summer League
Admission: Free, Programme: None, Tea: £1, Lion bar: 50p
Attendance: 29 (h/c)

First trip into the Llandyrnog Summer League this year. Usual low quality summer league stuff, season's near an end in this league and neither team had much to play for, but still enjoyable despite the lack of goal. Ysceifiog found the net about an hour in through a keeper mix-up, both teams could've probably had multiple goals but a fair few obvious chances were spurned. Ground is a farmer's field located on the edge of the village, no football furniture although there is a portable kiosk with hot drinks and snacks. Notable feature is a fairly steep hill at one corner, meaning that the corner flag is on a hefty slope. Cracking countryside backdrop as is the norm for this league.

Some pictures can be found here:

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T P Johnson
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Jun 29, 2019, 11:07 AM

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Re: [buncranaboy] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Thanks to everyone who came to support the game. I agree not the best one I have ever seen although I would take nil nil to a scoring draw. We missed Mo Touray who is now back at Newport County.

Looking forward to my return to Belfast and on a personal positive note from the 16th to the 18th of July will be in either Norway or Kosovo.

Sorry also unable to have had a chat with everyone being very busy selling programmes although did have an enjoyable drink with Leo after the game

Tim Johnson

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Jun 29, 2019, 7:15 PM

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Re: [buncranaboy] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

I have no idea how you missed me. Mind you, I was quite inconspicuous in that dress.

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Aug 6, 2019, 3:41 PM

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Re: [Barbie] Thursday 27th June 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Sweden (Division 4 Stockholm Mellersta) 8.30pm

Ragsveds IF 4 Langholmens FC 0 (H/T 3-0)

F & N

Crowd – c. 100

Having flown in from Stansted this morning for a three day stay in Stockholm, this match was the first of three I attended during this trip. While Division 4 is not usually on my radar (it forms part of regional football) it was the only new tick available within reach of the capital for me this evening. After arriving in Stockholm on the bus from Nykoping airport, I headed for the hotel I had booked. This was actually the first time I had stayed at a proper hotel in Stockholm, as opposed to a youth hostel. I had previously been under the impression that hotels in the Swedish capital were unaffordable, but this one was a bargain at only around £40 per night, if booked and paid for on-line in advance. (If any of you are interested in booking it next time you are in Stockholm, it is called the ‘Metro Hotel’ and the address is Vretensborgsvagen) The reason for it being so cheap is probably because of its unattractive location, which is in the middle of an industrial estate and next to a busy flyover some 3 or 4 miles south-west of the city centre. On the plus side, the rooms are en-suite (if rather cramped) and breakfast is included in the price. There is a kitchen on each floor for the use of guests, and there is also a computer which guests can use. If any of you know of a cheaper hotel in Stockholm, I’d be very interested to read about it!

A bonus was that the hotel was not all that far away from the football match so in order to save money on public transport, I walked all the way there and back. The walk took me just under 55 minutes. However, there are two different walking routes available and you will need a good map (printing one off the web will not suffice unless you use an awful lot of paper) because it involves a lot of short-cuts, footpaths and walking over footbridges. The last part of the walk involves walking for some 5 minutes (along a footpath that is not easy to find) through a wood that backs on to the Hagsatra IP, where Ragsveds IF play their home games. Ragsveds is a smaller district of Hagsatra, and these two places give their names to the two closest tube stations to the ground. Judging by the signage at the ground, Ragsveds appear to be the only football club using it at present. Although reasonably enclosed, there is no paybox and there is plenty of room for pedestrians to enter the ground, which is an athletics stadium. There is a sizeable bank of concrete terracing along most of one side, with the clubhouse and changing rooms situated on the top of this bank. The only cover for spectators is an overhang running along the length of this building, with a few bench seats beneath it. The rest of the ground consists of flat standing around a fixed railing, apart from some grass banking in the corners leading from the terracing. Trains pass the ground quite frequently on one of the local SL lines.

The visitors, Langholmen FC, actually have ‘Football Club’ in their name (it appears on the crest on their shirts) which is very unusual for a Swedish club. I have not checked where they play, but there is an island in the Stockholm region called Langholmen. The teams were 3rd and 4th respectively in the table before the kick-off, but the home side won comfortably, thanks in part to the first goal which came in the 11th minute and was one of the most clear-cut penalty awards I have ever seen, the keeper having pulled down a striker who was about to score. The keeper was fortunate to escape with a yellow card. Two further goals followed in the 24th and 26th minutes, before the rout was completed with a fourth goal in 2nd half stoppage time. A couple of interesting points to be made; firstly, the scheduled kick-off was very late at 8.30pm (the floodlights were switched on ten minutes into the second half) which is very unusual for Sweden at this time of year, and secondly, despite the very late start, the crowd was comprised mainly of children and youths. Most appeared to be from ethnic minority groups living on the adjacent housing estate and only a small number were adults. Refreshments were on sale, which was popular with the younger spectators.

At the conclusion of the match, I acted swiftly to remove a poster than was attached to a noticeboard on the side of the clubhouse. It listed all five fixtures taking place at then ground in June, including the one I had just seen. Three were men’s matches (these were all on Thursdays at 8.30pm) and two were women’s matches. Quite a decent souvenir, and as I walked away from the ground I was surprised to see a couple of hares bounding through the grounds of the adjacent housing estate. It was not the first time I had seen hares in Sweden, but this was the closest I had seen them to houses. Another hare was visible later on, running across the main road as I got closer to the hotel. So that’s something to watch out for if you are visiting Sweden!


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