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International Tournaments



Jun 24, 2019, 9:43 AM

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International Tournaments Can't Post or Reply Privately

It seems to me, that for a quiet summer, there is a lot of football around the World at the moment.

I want to be out there, but instead I am stuck for the moment at home (in France). Even the local games are not at the right local and time to make a trip worthwhile.

These are my thoughts on what is happening and where. If anyone wants to add a few comments, particularly where to find them on TV, then please do. I am watching some of the Women's games through streaming of both UK and French services.

Women's World Cup
This has to be the place to start, as it is the biggest of the tournaments around. It appears to be getting better as the tournament progesses. I think this is because the poorer, less fit teams have been knocked out.

Format - 24 teams, six groups of four, 16 teams in knock out stage

Current stage - half way through the last sixteen knock out games
Final - July 7 (16.00 UK time)

Would have got more mention, but England have lost two of two and will not make the knock out stage. This is also the pre-qualifying for Olympics 2020, but of course the British teams are not eligible for this

Format - 12 teams, three groups of four, four teams in knock out stage (these four are the quartet for the Olympics as well)

Current Stage - Final group matches are today. Germany and Spain are in the semi-finals. A draw would place both Romania and France there as well (anyone taking bets?)
Final - 30 June (19.45)

East Fork United has been reporting on this for this forum.

Format - 16 teams, four groups of four; 8 team knock out. An increase from 12 teams, One pair of games in each of Costa Rica and Jamaica. Everything else in USA
Current Stage: Group games continue until Wednesday
Final - 7 July (UK time = 02.00 8 July)
Squads: 26 players from English leagues, 3 from Wales and 5 from Scotland. This includes Quinaceo Hunt, third choice goalkeeper for Bermuda who is listed as a Wakefield player. Bermuda also claim a player with Hatfield Town, neither have taken the field so far.

Copa America

Format - 12 teams, three groups of four. 8 team knock out
The ten teams that make up the CONMEBOL are supplimented by Japan and Qatar.
Current stage: Group matches conclude today. Seven of the final 8 are already decided with Japan playing Ecuador tonight. The winner qualifies, but a draw favours Paraguay
Final: 7 July (21.00 UK)
Squads: 22 players play in England with Manchester City having five.
The oldest and youngest players at the tournament are both goalkeepers in the Japanese squad

African Cup of Nations

Format: 24 teams in 6 groups of four. 16 teams in knock out stages
Current Stage: In first round of group games
Final: 19 July (20.00 UK)
Squads: 43 players from England, although France has no less than 87. Some are going to be late back for pre-season training or those far away tournaments that get hyped up by whichever TV company shows them

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Jun 25, 2019, 4:13 AM

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Re: [leohoenig] International Tournaments [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

There are a number of sites that list football matches to be shown on television. and both give listings for France. is good for the UK.


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