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Gran Canaria trip


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Nov 13, 2018, 10:44 PM

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Gran Canaria trip Can't Post or Reply Privately

On Wednesday I caught the 07:25 easyjet flight from Gatwick which arrived in Gran Canaria at 12:55 which was exactly 1 hour late. This was because just before take off a woman didnít want to fly so we had to go back & she got off along with a bloke.
I then caught the hourly bus to Maspalomas, cost 4.05 Euros. Although fairly warm it was unfortunately mostly cloudy. I later caught the bus, cost 6.80 Euros to Las Palmas (Santa Catalina station) where I was staying.

On Thursday which turned out to be the best weather day as it was mostly sunny & very warm at times.

I later caught the bus from Maspalomas to Vecindario, cost 2.35 Euros. I got off the bus outside Vecindario & Cerruda football grounds which back onto each other. Not far away & across the road was the only game of the night although there was a veteranís game.

Liga Segunda Regional de Gran Canaria (level 7)
Club Futbol Casa Pastores 2 (61 & 79 pen)
Club Futbol Veneguera 0 (miss pen 75, red 91+)
KO: 21:00 Att: 73 h/c Cost: 2.50 Euros Saw no progs

Venue: Campo La Madera, off Calle Tirajanas, Casa Pastores, Santa Lucia
Artificial pitch with 4 floodlight poles. Only one side for spectators which has an elevated approx 12ft covered stand which goes into both penalty boxes. There is overhang which has a path underneath but not for spectators. The stand has a rail & then 5 steep concrete steps with green & yellow seats spelling out the club name. There are areas where there are no seats. Near corner has a small snack bar. Behind road is wasteland with houses beyond. Behind near goal is a mini artificial floodlit pitch at a different angle including a small covered stand & some seats. Behind is a large sports hall. Other side has a yellow & green kerb with grass behind which is mostly slightly banked grass towards far corner. Behind wall & see through fence is a very wide path with some trees & a floodlit dirt football pitch which was being used as a running track during the game. Beyond is wasteland. Behind far goal is a yellow & green kerb with fairly wide grass slightly banking. Behind wall & see through fence is a road & then what looks like plastic covered units where they grow stuff, possibly like what was featured on Simon Reeveís recent programme.

Match: 5th v 11th out of 14
Thankfully the stand kept out the wind. Fairly mild which saw an unused sub wearing gloves.
Even 1st half with CFV coming closest when a deflected shot hit the bar & bounced just the wrong side of the line. As players left the pitch for h/t two players from each side were having words from a distance. Shots 4-4.

H/t lasted under 14mins. CP were camped in CFVís half for a lot of the 2nd half. They didnít really look like scoring but took the lead when a free kick was headed in past a helpless gk for an OG. CFV had a chance to equalise as a penalty was awarded for a high foot which I didnít think was too high. Justice was done as it went over the bar. Less than 4mins later CP converted a penalty after a trip. In injury time a harmless free kick by CP eluded everyone for a goal kick. The ref blew his whistle & gave a red card to a CFV player. Shots 7-1. CP move up to 3rd place.

Really lucky on trip back as a short walk saw me wait no more than 2mins for the bus back to Las Palmas (San Telmo) station, cost 3.85 Euros. I then had to wait another couple of mins only for the L1 night bus, cost 1.40 Euros which is what all local buses in Las Palmas cost, a 10 trip ticket cost 8.50 Euros.

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Nov 13, 2018, 11:07 PM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Gran Canaria trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Friday started off partly sunny but cloud built up & it got less warm. I headed back to my accomodation earlier before catching bus 12 to watch:

Liga Primera Regional de Gran Canaria Grupo 2 (level 6)
Real Sporting San Jose 1 (17, red for coach 41)
Club Deportivo Ingenio 2 (15 & 39, red for coach 24)
KO: 21:00 ATT: 132 h/c Cost: 3 Euros Saw no progs

Venue: Campo Chano Cruz, San Jose, Las Palmas
I think I remember a previous posting of a game here. The bus stop is below the pitch so you need to walk up some zig zag walkway & steps which then goes above the ground to a a road with houses/shops. Here there are 3 floodlight poles behind a see through fence, these are the only floodlights at the ground. Thereís a very high concrete wall mostly painted yellow & breeze blocks down to where the grey seats are located. They go past the near touchline to past the near 18yd box with 4 rows. Behind is a path with rail. Close to the far penalty box to touchline are also 4 rows. In between it ranges from 1 row to 8 rows with a concrete step at the back. Part of the near half is covered by a canvas roof with some holes & a tiny part in far corner. Thereís a rail at front behind a path & this side is elevated approx 2ft. The other 3 sides have a high light yellow wall with netting or fencing on top. In near corner is mustard colour changing rooms. Far side in corner has 3 storey light blue office block. Remainder has some tall office blocks. You could see stationary ships with all their lights on them as well. Far goal has some steep banking to where the zig zag walkway is.

Match: 1st (8.1.0) v 2nd (6.1.1) out of 20
Fairly mild, light breeze. For 30mins this game lived up to expectations & was heading for my game of the season so far. SJ had a shot saved on 2mins. CDI player was about to shoot but great tackle intervened. From near half way line SJ player took a shot & it struck the post. CDI player kicked the ball over defender then volleyed past the gk for a cracking goal. 151 seconds later SJ equalised when gk got a touch to the shot but was out of position. The 1st yellow card arrived on 20mins. The CDI coach was sent off & sat in the seats with their supporters. On 39mins CDI regained the lead with powerful 20yd shot. The SJ coach was then sent off & stood by the changing rooms. Shots 7-7. Yellow cards 2-3.

H/t lasted over 14mins. The 2nd half was mostly yellow card being shown but somehow no one got a red card. There was the occasional shot. It got a bit frantic at the end with over 8mins of additional time. Shots 2-2. Yellow cards finished at 7-8.

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Nov 13, 2018, 11:26 PM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Gran Canaria trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

On Saturday it was partly sunny & warm as I visited the tiny Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno which saw half of it being refurbished. It was free anyway. Also the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, cost 3 Euros & this included going into the Catedral de Santa Ana. All in Las Palmas.

I later caught bus 47 to Tamaraceite which saw the bus climb quite high up. It was also a bit cooler here. Looked like a new town.

Tercera Division Grupo 12 (level 4)
Union Deportiva Tamaraceite 3 (11, 49 & 93+)
Union Deportiva Las Zocas (Tenerife) 0
KO: 16:00 (was scheduled at 12:30 but was changed earlier in the week) Att: 141 h/c Cost: 4 Euros Saw no progs

Venue: Estadio Juan Guedes, Tamaraceite
Artificial pitch with 2 floodlight poles each side. Main side is up a steep step & is railed. Thereís 5 steep concrete rows with the back one fairly wide to a high wall which is half painted in blue with a horizontal white stripe. Straddling half way line is cover with a snack bar at the back with some tables & chairs. Thereís 5 blue seats in each row in the centre. Behind is a hill to the road & houses at the top. The other 3 sides have high concrete walls with the other side having a portrait photo of Juan Guedes. Behind this side & one goal is a steep grassy hill. In corner at top are some houses. Behind near goal are the changing rooms which you can only see the top of. Half has steep banking to road & houses. Remainder has houses & beyond are houses on the hillside.

Match: 1st v 20th out of 20
Just before game started it clouded over & I wished I brought my light jacket which I left at my accomodation. Breezy at times.
LZ had a hopeful long range shot which didnít quite dip enough as it went over the bar. TAM had a free header which bounced down & went in the top corner. Little else happened in a poor half. Shots 2-2.

H/t lasted under 14mins. TAM had a chance with a chip shot but was easily saved on 47mins. A couple of mins later the gk did well to keep out a header but seconds later he mis-judged the bounce of a shot as it went in the net. GK made a save on 77mins before scoring was complete & f/t whistle blew before re-start. Shots 8-1.

Easy win for TAM against a side who looked a bottom of the table team.

After the game I walked to the large bus station before catching bus back down to Las Palmas where it wasnít so cool.

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Nov 13, 2018, 11:52 PM

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Re: [pinewoodste] Gran Canaria trip [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Sunday started cloudy & I caught bus from San Telmo station to Santa Brigida, cost 1.65 Euros. I didnít take my jacket but again this was high up & there were spots of rain while I was on the bus. Before the game I watched some of a girls basketball match at the neighboroughing sports hall.

Tercera Division Grupo 12 (level 4)
Union Deportiva Villa de Santa Brigida 1 (28)
Club Deportivo Mensajero (La Palma) 0
KO: 12:00 ATT: 135 h/c (inc approx 20 LP fans but not sure if they lived on island or lived in Gran Canaria) Cost: 5 Euros Saw no progs

Venue: Estadio Los Olivos, Carretera a Los Olivos, Santa Brigida
Artificial pitch with 4 corner floodlight poles. Most of one side is elevated approx 12ft with rail on top. Thereís 2 steep concrete rows with each corner having the back row fairly wide to a wall. Thereís a small snack bar with a small gazebo in front. In between are 6 more steep concrete rows with the back row fairly wide to gravel area. Behind low wall is grass towards the sports hall. Beyond is hillside with houses which is on 3 sides making this a very scenic venue. The other 3 sides has a concrete wall. Behind near goal is banking with long grass & flowers. Behind is a car park. At the back are metal structures at different angles like a sort of fence. Behind other 2 sides itís much higher. Behind far goal is a drop down & beyond you can see the sea.

Match: 2nd v 5th out of 20
Sunny (hot at times) with cloudy intervals but also very windy at times which was cool.
SB shot just off target on 9mins & then gk was out quick to save a header on 15mins. GK saved a shot on 21mins before CDM struck the bar a couple of mins later. A 25yd thunderbolt gave SB the lead. SB player lost possession but made amends by blocking the shot as it beat the gk on 35mins. Shots 6-5.

H/t lasted under 13mins. SB angled free kick skimmed the bar on 55mins. The gk saved a shot on 58mins. CDM did little this half but started to put a little pressure in the last 10mins but often made poor choices. On 93+mins a cross was headed towards the corner but the gk saved it. Shots 6-6.

This was the game with the highest quality of football. One of the raffle winners won a large can of olive oil.

Thereís a bus stop at the ground/sports hall. After the game I walked round this small town & visited the small market which was now starting to close. I caught a different bus back & it started climbing even higher in the hills before coming back down.

On Monday there were a couple of showers in the morning. Cloudy day with sunny intervals with odd spot of rain in the afternoon. Fairly warm. Some rain at night & windy.

On Tuesday the rain woke me up & there was more rain as I caught the bus to the airport from Santa Catalina station. Cost 2.95 euros. The sun later came out.

The flight back departed at 12:35 & arrived on time at Gatwick at 16:55. By the time I was away in my car it was almost 18:30 so didnít bother going to Hullbridge Sports. Traffic wasnít too bad.

I came to Gran Canaria the same time last year & the weather was far better last year. At least it was mostly fairly warm. The downside, there was as much cloud than sun.


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