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Message for Editors / Admins


steve walker

Jun 21, 2013, 8:25 PM

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Message for Editors / Admins Can't Post or Reply Privately

Firstly as I said on last seasons section, many many thanks to everyone that takes the time to update the NLM site. You won't get much in the way of thanks apart from me but it's appreciated by thousands of site visitors each and every day.

So hopefully you're missing updating leagues and can't wait for the season to get under way :) Here is important information for Season 2013/14.

Number one is that your login doesn't work! It's been disabled. I have a huge list of Editors that have signed up and I don't know how many are active. Some I know made an account and never even logged in. I need to know who is active and who is not so just PM me or drop me an email via the Contact in the top menu so I can re-instate your account. I just need your email address (not password) and the Leagues you want to edit for 2013/14. This way if any accounts are still disabled in a couple of months time I know I can delete them. Sorry for the hassle but this seems the best way of doing it.

There has not been a software update for the coming season so everything is as it was. I have however put a caching layer on the server which does affect the way the main site works. Previously every time someone looked at a page the server crunched the numbers and produced the page. If there were a lot of people looking at pages then that was a lot of number crunching and it slowed the site to a crawl. From now when someone looks at a page the numbers will still be crunched but that page will then be cached ie copied and it is the copy that will be shown to anyone who subsequently looks at the page, hence no number crunching. The caching period is 2.7 hours.

What this means to you as an Editor is that if you make changes and then go look at the division you have just made the changes to then you may not see them immediately because you are looking at the copy that someone else cached within the 2.7 hour cutoff. You can get around this by hitting refresh and holding down the Ctrl key. This forces the page to be requested direct from the server rather than the cache and you can check the changes you just made.

One last thing, and I hope nobody takes offence at this. We all want the site to be accurate with results and fixtures, in some ways it's more important than fast. Can I ask therefore that once you have uploaded results that you check the NLM table against the official table whether that is from the official site or the mailing list to make sure the two match. It takes 2 minutes to do this but if an admin has to come back a month later and see why there is a discrepancy it can take ten times as long to discover the error. We want site users to trust our tables as accurate as I'm sure you would agree.

I'm going to be moving the Leagues forward onto the new season gradually starting from the Conference and working down. I should be okay to do this myself but if I'm running out of time I will ask for some help.

Thanks again..... Steve


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