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Editors Instuction Manual (it's short!) Updated June 2016


steve walker

Jun 21, 2013, 7:56 PM

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Editors Instuction Manual (it's short!) Updated June 2016 Can't Post or Reply Privately

This is the thread that is referenced for new Editors. If anyone has anything to add please feel free... Thanks

Firstly thanks for becoming a NLM Editor!

Updating a league couldn't be easier.....

1. Log into the admin here:
2. Click on the Fixtures/Results tab at the top
3. Click on Add New Fixtures.... it's not a big link, you will see it just under where it says Admin - Fixtures and Results
4. A calendar will appear. Click on the date you want to enter a fixture or result for and it will be highlighted yellow
5. Below the calendar click on the division that you want to add a fixture or result to
6. Once you do that the software will load the teams into home team and away team drop down boxes. Simply add the fixtures and the kick off times. Add the results and attendance if the game has already been played.
7. Click the add fixtures button at the bottom

That's it... you're done. Note that the pages are cached on the server to decrease the load. If you want to see your edits straight away then go the main site page for the league you have just edited and press Ctrl and F5 together (for most browsers) which will force the latest version of the page to be downloaded.

If a game isn't played and awarded to a team as a 0-0 win just enter the score as 99-0 to whichever team was awarded the game.
Points deductions post in the problems / corrections thread as I just noticed this isn't an Editor function as it was supposed to have been.

Finally, I just thought I would add what the expectations are in other words what is the minimum you should be aiming to do as an Editor. If you edit a League at Steps 1-4 then we really need those results adding quickly, on the evening that Saturday games are played or by next morning if it's a mid week game. You may find one of the Admins jumping in ahead of you if you are not quick! Steps 5-6 are a bit more relaxed and Steps 7+ it would be good if you could get the results online within 24 hours. It is expected that ALL leagues will have at least two weeks fixtures on them which are kept up to date and accurate as there are lots of postponements and changes particularly in the early part of the season when Cup ties take priority.

And finally again... there is a closed forum section only for Editors and Admins discussion. For access to this create a forum account if you don't have one and PM me your user name.

Any questions about using the Editor functions post in this thread rather than emailing me as other Editors might have the same question.


(This post was edited by steve walker on Jun 22, 2016, 3:30 PM)


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