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Reluctant Goalkeepers


Sale Holmfield
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Jan 6, 2013, 12:24 AM

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Reluctant Goalkeepers Can't Post or Reply Privately

Altrincham's last two home games have seen the away goalkeeper sent off (harshly in Stalybridge Celtic's case as it was a foul by their right back) but I am not posting about that.

In both cases, neither Stalybridge Celtic nor Harrogate Town had a proper substitute goalkeeper - stupid for a full-time club and a well-funded club for this level, but not I am not posting about that either.

What I am posting about is that Harrogate didn't appear to have anybody who was prepared or wanted to play in goal, but eventually, and with extremely reluctant body language, midfielder Adam Nowakowski went in goal, but then he played a blinder, saving a penalty with his first touch, and although he was beaten twice in a 3-0 win, the score could have been much higher if it wasn't for his efforts.

I have never seen a team with somebody so reluctant to go in goal, or conversely, with an outfield player in goal who played so well, unless, of course, anybody knows different.

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Jan 6, 2013, 10:57 AM

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Re: [Sale Holmfield] Reluctant Goalkeepers [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

20 or so years ago I went to see Bilston Community College in the now defunct Staffs County League South. They later became Bilston Town's unofficial reserve team, but at that time were independent with their own ground.
Before the game there was a big argument about who would play in goal. Apparently they had no regular keeper and the argument was about whose turn it was.
At one point the shortest player on the pitch was poised to go in goal, but commonsense prevailed and a taller player assumed the custodian's position.
They lost 1-2 to Toll End Wesley.
Also saw Metropolitan Police play at Leatherhead with an outfield player in goal. Word was that the regular keeper was a detective who was working on a high-profile murder case.


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Jan 9, 2013, 10:28 AM

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Re: [jrev61] Reluctant Goalkeepers [In reply to] Can't Post or

With his football background that detective could be a good candidate to investigate the attempted murder of Robin Van Persie ...

Man City Transfer Target!

Jan 10, 2013, 3:53 PM

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Re: [Sale Holmfield] Reluctant Goalkeepers [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

When East Barnet Old Grammarians won the SAL Second Division a few years back they did so without a regular 'keeper. They sometimes pulled the 2nd XI 'keeper up and sometimes one of several outfielders went in goal (they had a few guys who had previously played in goal). What I found quite amusing was that their title winning photograph did not feature a goalkeeper at all! It did include the lads who'd taken their turn but I wonder how many people look at the photograph and fail to spot that all of the players are wearing the maroon and blue of the outfield players.

In professional football I saw David Platt go in goal for Villa at Highbury once after Nigel Spink got crocked. Spink couldn't take his shirt off (some poor excuse like being unconcious at the time, if memory serves...) so someone threw him an Arsenal goalie top and sections of the north bank were chanting something about that being the only way he'd get to wear an Arsenal shirt... (he eventually got a Villa shirt and it ended up 5-0 to Arsenal, having been 4-0 when he went in. You wouldn't have known he wasn't a 'keeper by the performance).

I miss seeing outfield players go in goal actually. I think having a sub goalie moves the game a step away from 'real football' where it's not just about how good you are but how you cope with your environment and your situation. I know the rationale is that it removes an unfair disadvantage etc, but not by much. I've never seen a professional game where the guy who went in goal looked anything worse than a moderate 'keeper anyway. There is also an argument that paying fans deserve to see the best team a club can put out but I think that's balls. There are plenty of cr*p players out there in their own right and actually as a spectator it was always a bit 'special' to see an outfielder have to go in goal - a bit like seeing a team where a third kit before anyone actually had third kits.


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