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Jul 3, 2010, 2:20 PM

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     EVERYONE PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! Updated 26/07   or Reply Privately


This section is for advertising pre-season games in the British Isles. We intend to provide the most comprehensive day-by-day fixture list on the web, including all games from the Premier League down to the bottom of the pyramid. The list is free to add to and edit as applicable, all we ask is that you follow a few simple rules;

To edit, simple hit the "QUOTE" key and remove "REPLY TO" from the text, also deleting the re: [name] from the subject box. Please try to add your fixture in alphabetical order, and remember do not enter just your own fixture we need the rest of the list to keep it dynamic. I will detach and edit all entries, to save having to trawl through dozens of replies, every evening at around 23:30.

Please make sure that only fixtures are added, this is not an area for proclaiming "where you intend to go" or indulging in any "banter". There are areas of this board already set up for these purposes.

(P) Programme being issued for this game
(TS) Team Sheets available

Finally, Id like to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to the list so far, sadly the method of compiling this list doesnt allow for your post to stay on the board for very long so credit isnt always evident. Just to say, as I am now editing and detaching twice a day now, I know who is contributing and Id like to tell you Im extremely grateful for every bit of info that you have provided.

Thanks again,


In Reply To
Any chance the topics can be pinned in date order, deleting them as they go by?

Simple answer - no. When the posts (like all others on the forum) are updated, the most recent goes top. I do have a plan to lock the posts as the date is passed, but other than that...

UPDATE 16/06/10
Another big thanks to everyone who've added fixtures to this listing, it seems almost everyone has got the hang of it now. For those of you who insist on adding a "commentary" reply rather than editing the listing for a particular day - DON'T! - it is causing unnecessary work for myself and Moorsider, and these posts will simply be deleted. No offence meant to anyone with this, but we aren't asking a great deal here.

As you will see there are dates now at the top of the page that are "Sticky", this is basically to highlight the upcoming week's fixtures, or initially those in June. Once the date has passed, the date will be locked and un-stickied, dropping to the foot of the forum. Once a date has reached sticky status, could I ask that you DO NOT highlight any fixtures in BOLD.

Once again, thanks to all contributors, and thanks for reading.


UPDATE 20/06/10

We've had a pretty major hiccup today with the lists for 31/07 and 10/07 where someone has been a little over eager with the "Cut and Paste". Effectively this has meant we have lost about thirty fixtures and many salient pieces of info for that date, along with the efforts of many contributors being wasted unnecessarily. Whilst I don't want to get on my high horse about this (especially as it is pretty obvious this was a simple accident), I want to emphasise that the instructions for editing posts/fixtures is at the top of this message in BOLD, without discouraging people adding to the most comprehensive PSF list on the net. Please try to avoid cut and paste, we shouldn't have the same problem again.

Thanks one more time,


UPDATE 03/07/10

Please note that several fixtures have been rearranged. Would posters PLEASE INSERT the fixture in the NEW date and REMOVE it from the OLD date when this happens. This is to avoid any confusion with teams being shown having two games on the same date. It can also be very annoying to turn up at an advertised game only to be told that it was played the other evening.



UPDATE 05/07/10

Once again, thanks to everyone who've joined the merry band of posters in adding fixtures to this section. Just a few very minor points, we are now approaching 3,000 fixtures in this section, can we ask everyone to keep adhering to the "rules". A few of you are deleting the date when replying, please don't! I need this for when it comes to detaching your post to create a new one. If you delete the date, it takes more work trying to figure out when the fixtures relate to.

Finally can I say a mega-special thanks to Andrew (prorege) for his comprehensive list of Scottish fixtures - an outstanding piece of work! Myself and Malcolm have now absorbed these into the daily threads. In order to keep this section in a day-by-day fashion, prorege's masterpiece will be moved to the top of the "Other British Isles Non League" section of the forum, so it can be viewed and added to accordingly.

Once again thanks to everyone for their contributions


UPDATE 26/07/10

Just a little add on to wrap things up as far as notices are concerned. Obviously we are now well into Pre-Season territory, so the majority of posters understand how this works and have added to its success. Next Monday (02/08/10) I'll stop "sticking" all the latest fixtures to the top of the page. Natural elimination and updating of the fixtures have ensured all the August games will end up at the top of the page, so it seems a bit of a waste of time to keep pushing "this week's" to the top.

I intend to stick this in mothballs until June 2011 on 28/08/10, we'll all be either well into or starting our proper season football by then, so it will remain as a reference tool in the Forum's Archive Section until then. It goes without saying that this has been a very successful project, nowhere else on the web (and some have tried copying) has come close to matching the number of PSFs listed in one place, and we couldn't have achieved this without the army of compilers and local experts - to all of you THANK YOU! Major thanks as well to Mal (Moorsider) who has been an absolute trooper helping me manage this, cross-checking clashes and double bookings, whilst adding probably more PSFs than anyone else.

As I said, we'll resurrect this project next June, I would really appreciate it if we could plan for next season now and get one or two volunteer moderators for this section to help me with the thread detaching etc. If you want to do this, PM me and I'll arrange for you to be added to the list.

Many thanks once again!

Stu (Jamesie)

(This post was edited by Moorsider on May 21, 2011, 10:36 AM)


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