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RL Challenge Cup 2019/2020

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Dec 6, 2019, 2:20 PM

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RL Challenge Cup 2019/2020 or Reply Privately

Draw for the 1st round made yesterday

Rochdale Mayfield v London Chargers
GB Police v Torfaen Tigers
Edinburgh Eagles v Ashton Bears
Leigh Miners Rangers v Stanningley
Underbank Rangers v Lock Lane
West Bank Bears v Royal Navy
Featherstone Lions v West Bowling
British Army v Oulton Raiders
Normanton Knights v Longhorns
Barrow Island v Rhondda Outlaws
Pilkingtons Recs v West Hull
Thornhill Trojans v Thatto Heath Crusaders
York Acorn v Hammersmith Hills Hoists
Siddal v Saddleworth Rangers
Sherwood Wolf Hunt v Wests Warriors
Wigan St Patricks v Dewsbury Moor
Distington v Bedford Tigers
Milford v Wigan St Judes
Upton v Jarrow Vikings
Skirlaugh v Hunslet Club Parkside
RAF v Bentley
Ince Rose Bridge v East Hull.

Ties to be played the weekend of Jan. 11th.12th 2020

We'll be, as we are, when all the fools who doubt us fade away.

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