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Pitch intruder causes shocking scenes at Liskeard Athletic in the SWPL

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Nov 17, 2019, 12:54 PM

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Pitch intruder causes shocking scenes at Liskeard Athletic in the SWPL or Reply Privately

Extremely disturbing situation at Liskeard v St Blazey in the South West Peninsula League on Saturday when a man supporting Blazey ran on the pitch attempting to attack a Liskeard player.

Fortunately the extremely angry intruder was restrained just before he got to the player. The man appeared to be raging and intensely aggressive.

The game was held up for quite a while as players, staff and officials attempted to get him off the pitch.

The man was eventually extracted from the ground and carried on watching the match through the wire mesh fence at the main road side of the ground.

A number of supporters seemed visibly shocked at the intensity of the attempted attack which took some time to bring under control. Quite a few people with children were seen leaving the match with the youngsters evidently distressed and upset.

Thankfully the player chosen for the attack received no injury due to the prompt actions of those around him.

Not what players and genuine supporters expect to see at a football match irrespective of what level is being played. Can only wonder what the general reaction would be if this had been a high profile game with prominent media presence.

No reaction from either the Liskeard or St Blazey clubs yet but the SWPL and Cornwall FA are aware of the incident, apparently one of the senior SWPL officials was actually present at the game.

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