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Football In Heaven 5 is here!

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Oct 24, 2019, 9:10 AM

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Football In Heaven 5 is here! or Reply Privately

Emmanuel Rosu has announced the dates for Football in Heaven 5!

It will take place between 13-16 March 2020, in Suceava and Bistrita.

We are back for some of the magic left in beautiful Bucovina. There will be at least 5 games in our schedule and (hopefully) some nice surprises along the way for those who come to visit. We will be watching the team called North Pole!

As always, Football in Heaven is free of charge from the organiser’s behalf.
Regarding accommodation, please don't book anything yet, as we don't know where we'll be based at this point.

We will leave Suceava on the morning of Friday, 13 March, so please consider the Thursday evening direct flight from Luton if you're coming from England. If all of us will be in Suceava on Thursday evening, that will be fantastic, as we plan to leave the town before noon on Friday.

Flights: Directly to Suceava from Luton, Munich West, Bologna, Bergamo and Rome. Also Iasi and Bacau airports too, Both cities are two hours away by car from Suceava and offer many more options than Suceava in terms of direct flights.

Let me know when you have booked flights and I will let the organiser know.
There is also a “WhatsApp” group as well as a Facebook page for this trip, so let me know if you wish to join it. Also if you cannot make this trip but wish to join my mailing list for organised trips abroad please get in contact with me on [email protected]