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Another Berlin Weekend

T P Johnson
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Oct 22, 2019, 2:49 PM

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Another Berlin Weekend or Reply Privately

Sat 19 October Regionalliga Nordost

VSG Altglienicke 4 VFB Germania Halberstadt 1 Att 136 Entry 8 Euro (pensioner) Prog 1 Euro Badge 5 Euro Teamsheet obtained

My second visit to Friedr-Ludwig-Jahn Stadion after seeing Dynamo Berlin there. Thanks to Kirby Knitters for information about the ground. Caught the U2 to Eberswalderstrasse with a short walk to the ground then to the main stadium. Tickets progs and teamsheets were available from a table within the entrance while badges bought in the food/beer shop. Only the main stand was open. Only a few away supporters.
The home team were worthy winners and played some lovely football although felt sorry so few watch them.

Sun 20 October 2019 Regionalliga Nordost

Hertha Berlin U23 4 FSV Union Furstenwalde 1 Att 542 Entry 5 Euros (pensioner) No prog Teamsheet obtained

Hertha went back to the top from VSG Altglienicke after this win. The away team scored after 41 seconds then had 2 cleared off the line. The game changed after another yellow which became red and resulted in an equalising penalty. After which there was only going to be one winner.

Caught the U2 the other way from yesterday to the Olympicstadion stop. We walked past the right of the stadium to to Stadion auf dem Wurfplatz Berlin. There were however no tickets on sale at the ground. We were told to go near the Glockenturm (at least a ten minute walk each way) and buy tickets from a caravan there. No idea why not on sale near ground. Seats were for block B and could sit anywhere there. Around 30 away supporters in Block J opposite. Only cover was in main stand.

Tim Johnson

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