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Re: [royboy] F.A. Cup 2019-20 Threads

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Sep 8, 2019, 10:29 AM

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Re: [royboy] F.A. Cup 2019-20 Threads or Reply Privately

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Until this year John's stickies have worked well but have now become cluttered up and, in my opinion this includes yourself.

If you want a section for results only then create one of your own and leave John's alone. All errors/omissions should be sent by PM to either of you as appropriate.

There are TWO discussion threads but why the second was opened only the person concerned will know. Either way the posts concerned should be there not here.

Finally may I say I have the greatest respect for the incredible work you do on the F C H D and would add your implied criticism of John is, in my opinion, unbecoming of someone of your status.

Completely agree with this and I'm glad someone spoke up. The stickies are there for stats and not discussions and John's perfectly capable of completing them on his own. If he needs assistance with attendances etc he opens a new thread asking for help. Posts are only deleted when he correlates all the information into one post which actually makes it easier to read all the events of a particular round. Could we leave him to it please?

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Sep 8, 2019, 11:09 AM

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Re: [kidology] F.A. Cup 2019-20 or Reply Privately

The issue here is that this section has morphed in recent years from being the 'go to place' to simply find out draws and results to being the 'go to place' for statistical records. As some prefer one and some prefer the other it's inevitable that the change from one to the other will cause a reaction.


Sep 8, 2019, 1:17 PM

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Re: [paulh66] F.A. Cup 2019-20 or Reply Privately

I have split off these comments - you could have started another thread anyway. I expect John will remove other extraneous items from the thread in due course.
John is the moderator for this section and it is his decision what should or should not be in the sticky thread. Anyone can create a thread for other useful information.

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