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email restricted message?

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Jun 18, 2019, 7:54 PM

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email restricted message? or Reply Privately

Have just tried to alter my profile to remove Birmingham City from my profile, as I can no longer support a club whilst they are owned by people who sack the first manager for years who 'got' the club...and when I tried to do this a message came up saying there were errors in my profile and my email had been restricted.

I wasn't aware of such a restriction - and have received notifications via email as recently as an hour ago...so what's the problem, please?

Five minute later edit !!!

OK...have just read down the thread to see that someone else has had the same prob...but if my email is a gmail, what to do?

Eight minute later second edit!!!!!!!

Have just seen my 'clubs supported' section has changed in the way I wanted ...so just ignore my burblings...well, here at least !

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