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Editor misbehaving

Mr. T
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Jan 13, 2018, 12:40 PM

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Editor misbehaving or Reply Privately

The editor in IE has been behaving very oddly today. I pasted text from a Word document and all the paragraphs became double or treble spaced. In another case, three lines of text produced a display which occupied almost the whole screen. When I examined it with the basic editor there were masses of carriage returns and HTML tags.

Even this post has formatting applied as I type it. If I cut and paste this into Word, it has leading and trailing spacing. That doesn't usually happen. Using Word to create a message has been safe for as long as I've been using the forum. My set-up hasn't changed. I also have Chrome and often use it simply to view because it's quicker to load than IE but of course it only has a basic editor.

I do remember a case on here recently where some special characters (quotation marks, hyphens) were appearing in a garbled form. That was a fault with the forum software. Is this another?