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steve walker

Feb 19, 2015, 10:39 PM

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Sometimes I do wonder if we are attempting the impossible just to have a public forum where football matters are discussed intelligently without all the baggage that infests other places. Then I think no we are not, it's simply that we don't moderate it strictly enough. That's my fault but I'm going to change it.

When Tony K wanted this forum set up it was because he wanted a place on the internet where people could discuss non league football without all the 'willy waving my club is better than yours' stuff and without all the personal rubbish that tends to invade other forums. It's a place to discuss non league football not a place to have a go at people you don't agree with. It's a place where we can all give our opinions on the non league game not a place to try and prove how clever you are by winding other forum posters up. If that is your scene there are other places you can go in internetland.

Try and respect the reasons why Tony K wanted this forum online in the first place and why I have kept it going ever since. If you are unable or unwilling to do this or simply don't understand my words then please leave before your account is disabled. This is not an idle threat, I have a zero tolerance level of forum trolls from this moment on. Before you hit the post button just think... if you're not sure then don't. I'm not interested in the 'oh I know him, he loves the banter' excuse... it's a public forum and it doesn't read that way to people that don't know 'him'... so do your 'banter' by private message or by email since you know 'him' anyway and not on a public forum where readers don't understand your mutual humour.

I'm not trying to sterilise the forum, I'm not trying to remove all humour or banter from it. I'm just trying to get it back to somewhere near the reason it was set up in the first place..... to have intelligent discussion. If you cannot come with me or support me on this then please leave now and don't wait for your account to be disabled. I think with this approach we will attract far more posters than we lose. If I am wrong and this internet forum trolling is just a part of life now that we have to accept then I will hold my hands up but lets give it a go.

Thanks.... Steve