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May 29, 2014, 11:24 AM

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     Please read BEFORE posting or Reply Privately

If you know what you're doing, nothing's really changed with this section of the board. But PLEASE following the instructions below. If you simply reply to a post or just quote it, you're trebling my work. As it's quicker just to delete offending posts, I'll be doing that. If anyone thinks that's unreasonable, I'm happy to hand over the job. I'm not a reasonable man, I've never claimed to beWink
Post away folks!

This section is for advertising pre-season games in the British Isles. We intend to provide the most comprehensive day-by-day fixture list on the web, including all games from the Premier League down to the bottom of the pyramid. The list is free to add to and edit as applicable, all we ask is that you follow a few simple rules;

To edit, simple hit the "QUOTE" key and remove "REPLY TO" from the text, also deleting the re: [name] from the subject box. Please try to add your fixture in alphabetical order, and remember do not enter just your own fixture we need the rest of the list to keep it dynamic. And please do not bold up the game you're entering.
I will detach and edit all entries, to save having to trawl through dozens of replies, on a regular basis throughout the day.
Please ensure this is done properly, even forgetting to remove the "re name" bit from the subject box doubles the amount of time it takes to update a particular day's games.

Please make sure that only fixtures are added, this is not an area for proclaiming "where you intend to go" or indulging in any "banter". There are areas of this board already set up for these purposes. This isn't a discussion board.

(P) Programme being issued for this game
(TS) Team Sheets available

Finally, Id like to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to the list so far, sadly the method of compiling this list doesnt allow for your post to stay on the board for very long so credit isnt always evident. Just to say, as I am now editing and detaching twice a day now, I know who is contributing and Id like to tell you Im extremely grateful for every bit of info that you have provided.

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