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Jun 4, 2014, 9:16 PM

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Re: [Kernovian] RECRUITING players: Xpert-11 game League! or Reply Privately

Ahoy there! Got some changes to make to the original invitation (as below), and I'm writing to emphasise that I've found a way to deliver the Expert Eleven game to enthusiasts in an exciting novel fashion!

What I've done; put simply; is used the League which I set up ~ as a platform for a Role-Playing experience without compare!


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Hi people,

I have set up a new Very Special Xpert-Eleven 'football management' game League and I'm looking for interested footie-game players who'd like to gain entry to form a 'Division Two', following a very, very successful maiden season. Expecting to recruit 8-16 Managers in this intake.

The most basic entry to the game is completely free, but in the League I've founded players MUST have VIP status.
You can purchase 'VIP Status' quite reasonably (from as little as 7/3-Months, progressively cheaper in bulk; and atm you can even buy a 1-Month 'trial' for just 10p ~ for new players!)
I recommend VIP purchase anyhow - for the various 'perks' and more rounded immersive experience.
When you join a 'Private League' like this, you also qualify for a free team in one of the two dozen or so 'Official Leagues' and also have the right to start-up your own 'Private League'.
This portfolio is expandable as one of the 'perks' of buying 'VIP Status'.

This is a simple game in respect of basics, but has hidden depths to explore for the more committed player.

And it's players prepared to commit that we're looking-for... and of those, the players who fancy immersing themselves fully into our original & special Role-Playing theme!serious, mature, dogged even, certainly not fly-by-nights who'd abandon the game on their first serious reverse.

Anyway, you become the manager of a team in a Second Division planned to hold 12-16 teams, fighting for 3 or four promotion places. That's 22-30 league matches, played Thu/Sun twice per week & allowing Cup knock-out matches or friendlies to be played every Tue.

You're involved in players' skill, form, development, even character to some extent. For each match, you pick your team from a squad that you've shaped yourself, with transfers and developing youth prospects. You also select tactics for each game, based on 'spy reports' you commission on your opponents.
Naturally, all this requires finances, so accordingly you deal with the team budget, apportioning amounts to transfer kitties, youth development, player training & injury rehabilitation, awarding win bonuses, etc.

I find the whole gamut great fun and deeply fascinating, and I'm quite certain that plenty of others in this Forum would do so too... at least, those forumites whose 'inner child' is still pleading jumpers for goalposts!Wink

There is a shed-load of VIP prizes on offer for certain feats of success; totaling 96-Months+ for Season One just past. I anticipate a similar trove for Season Two approaching!

The League I'm running has a name and a theme and may be found here:-

The Brythonnic Super-16 League

A fairly detailed description of what we're all about and how very excitingly different we are can be found at

YOU are a descendent of human colonists on an alien world called Opengeo. You are situated in a Country known as The Brythonnic Imperium (Brythonn for short) and yes, Brythonn does have an Emperor... an elected one, no less! Over time the colonists have built-up a prospering community of some 3100 or so individual settlements, but have endured two calamitous 'dark ages' in their history ~ resulting in the loss of much knowledge, a great deal of culture and many skills. Nevertheless, they've indomitably bounced-back and now enjoy a culture which we Earthlings would compare with the European Feudal Period (Middle Ages), Victorian England circa 1840, the Gothic Renaissance ~ and in respect of the 'Gentry' class, the Parisian Louis Quatorze Era. As the colonists re-learn how to have an 'Industrial Age' they occupy a Gothic Steam-Punk milieu. One in which the previously illegal street-game of 'foote-balle' has just been transformed - legalised, formalised, sponsored by the Emperor himself, taken off the streets and set-up in new stadia all around the Country, become an official aerobic sporting passtime & spectator sport. In other words, the Emperor has in one fell swoop taken bored ruffians off the streets, provided the health benefits of strenuous activity, given the populace new heroes to cheer-on, and most importantly of all, created a brand-new taxation income-stream!

You play the X-11 game as if it were completely real-life in Brythonn, reporting regularly the happenings of your team, and in doing-so, bringing-in your creative invention of life in general in Brythonn, always subject to yours and others' pre-established invention of culture and history, as between all of us, slowly fabricating a whole new world of alien flora, fauna and experiences as you go!

Not only this... but also, we administrators are slowly but surely laying the foundations of what we hope will bee a classic 'Whodunnit' - interlacing strands of a great mystery within our press releases from time to time, a mystery wherein its speed of solution will determine great matters of Brythonnic State, altering the course of Brythonn's history forever! The solution will probably be in two parts - firstly solve 'what is the question to be asked', and then secondly, ask that question.

Like it?

There's just one further demand for entry into this League:- Every Manager must write 250-character plus PRESS REPORTS about the doings at his club at least twice per week. These may be cut&paste-based notifications by X-11, but must be comprehensively edited/adjusted to read just like they'd appear in your local weekly rag!

Any queries or questions need to be made via xpert-11, as I'm rarely in this Forum these days.

Hoping to see a number of you there soon,

Not THE Chris Brown

Inherited by AngusGF

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