The NLM site is maintained and updated by volunteers, without whom there would be no site. There are however real world costs associated with putting a site like this online, keeping it there and developing it further.

Becaue of the high traffic the site receives and because it is so database intensive, this is not a resource that can be hosted on a £10 a month shared hosting package with any degree of reliability. NLM therefore runs on a dedicated managed server and long time users will be able to testify that reliability is certainly not an issue.

Furthermore the software that runs the main site had to be custom developed as there was nothing commercially available that ticked all the boxes. Although the software developers, FDC based in Leicestershire, worked miracles to get the site online within a very tight budget it was still a considerable expense. Implementing site improvements suggested by users since NLM went live will of course mean even more expense.

One thing to note is that this is NOT a profit making site. Any income from advertising or donations will be put into covering some of the set up costs, hosting and future development.

If you would like to make a contribution no matter how small or large that would be very much appreciated. Doing so will help ensure that the site stays online and develops into something even bigger and better as the financial burden is a bit too much for one person alone.

Donations can be made in two ways, either through a subscription or a one off donation. Subscriptions are yearly and are £12. If you are a very regular user of the forum or the main site you may want to consider this. Donations are a one off voluntary contribution to the site costs and can be any amount you choose.

What will you get in return? Well lets be real... nothing tangible! I put this site online because I told Tony Kempster (some of you may need to Google the name!) that I would. It's taken several false starts and a lot of time and expense to get it here. Now that it's finally online I want to keep it here and develop it further. Your donations will help to make sure that happens.

Please click one of the buttons or links below. You can subscribe or donate via PayPal (you will need a PayPal account or a credit card) or via GoCardless (funds are taken directly from your Bank Account). If you prefer not to do this online the Bank details for a direct payment are below the buttons.

Many Thanks for your help!

Steve Walker


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You can now take a subscription via This comes directly from your designated Bank account, no credit card or PayPal account details are needed. To set up a £12 per year Direct Debit click THIS LINK

You can also make a one off donation using the same method. It's a once only payment, no credit card or PayPal account needed, it comes directly from your Bank. Click any of the links to make a one time donation for that amount: £10 donation....... £15 donation...... £25 donation....... £50 donation


If anyone prefers to make a direct payment here are the Bank details:

Lloyds TSB
Rugeley Branch

S Walker T/A Summit Soccer

I've had a couple of cheques sent aswell in the past. They should be payable to 'Summit Soccer' to

Summit Soccer
9 Speechly Drive
WS15 2PT


Thanks again!