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Aug 5, 2019, 2:54 PM

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Hi guys,

I figured this would be the section where this was most relevant but please feel free to move if necessary.

The discussion on how many leagues there should be in different parts of the country and different steps is one that goes on and on. Ultimately, the aim should be to have the same ratio of clubs of a certain level per league across the country. This is complicated, of course, by the fact that what level a club is depends on how which league it is, so it's circular.

As several others on this forum have suggested, it seems that attendances are a good indicator to the true 'level' of a club as that is something that is partially independent of level and immediate funding. In other words, a club with a 250 average attendance in a division with a 250 average, does not instantly jump to 500 on promotion to a division with that average, nor does a club's attendance rise as quickly as the investment that can be pumped in by a sugar daddy.

To that end, I've combined a number of data sets including average attendances from 20180-19, map co-ordinates and league/division/step membership to produce the following map:

There are numerous layers on the map which allow you to see the mid-point in the country at different levels based firstly on the co-ordinates of clubs' grounds, and secondly taking into account the average attendances of each club. The second part is achieved by multiplying co-ordinates by average attendance, so that clubs with higher attendances have more impact on the average co-ordinates than those with lower attendances.

The thing that immediately stands out is that in PL/EL and Steps 1-4 the mid-point for fans is further north than the mid-point for club locations, which implies that the average attendances are higher in the north than the south. I haven't done Step 5 yet, though, which will be the most interesting one.

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