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Wednesday 12th June 2019


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Jun 13, 2019, 7:37 PM

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Wednesday 12th June 2019 Can't Post or Reply Privately

Ballater 1-2 Banchory Youth
Mid Deeside Summer League
f&n, h/c 24

Yorkieexile had headed back south this morning, having an appointment down there to get back in time for, so it was just Veteran and I out on the hunt tonight. Having seen Banchory Youth away just 2 nights ago, he had selected Tarland v Charleston Rovers as tonight's target - also good for me since their only definite Home fixture I'll be able to get to in this league's (short) summer season due to business trips abroad getting in the way of ticking. GRRR!

After a very wet day, it was worrying then that Veteran had texted me that there was nobody at Tarland and no nets up, with only an hour until KO. He decided to make the quarter-hour drive to go look for signs of life at Ballater - Bingo! I drove from work to Tarland. Indeed still dead at the only pitch in the village, now with only half an hour before KO, so I of course carried on to join him at Ballater. Yet the league later posted results which included Tarland having won 4-0 !! Did they really all turn up at the last minute just after I'd left? Or am I missing something and they're playing elsewhere this year? GRRR!

EDIT : The league sec now informs me (and apologized for not having posted it in advance) that Tarland v Charleston Rovers was switched to Charleston's home venue - Aboyne [as also used in Aberdeenshire Amateurs winter football].

Ballater is of course a lovely place in prime countryside - fit for a Queen. And folks retire to out here. But on a night like tonight it's not at its best. Mid June, yet only 7 degrees. Persistent rain. Biting wind making use of an umbrella impossible. Low cloud obscuring the views of the hills. Pitch a good way out in the middle of open grass so exposed to the elements with no opportunity of viewing from the shelter of under trees. There is some grass banked stepped terracing at the edge of the area, alongside the pavilion, but that's for when the greater expanse of open grass is a venue for Highland Games. And for 81 minutes a really drab 0-0. Absolutely bldy awful. Thank goodness we were saved from a blank by a Ballater goal. And then, like buses, another two came along in two minutes. This time both for the visitors. Glad of the final whistle. Get the car heater on. And get straight home for a very welcome cuppa tea.
Aye - 'summer' football, eh?

Four down, three to go.

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