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Tuesday 11th June 2019


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Jun 13, 2019, 6:55 PM

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Tuesday 11th June 2019 Can't Post or Reply Privately

Kingussie 2-6 Boat Of Garten Ospreys
Strathspey & Badenoch Welfare
at Aviemore Leisure Centre 3G
f&n, h/c 12

This league is dying on its @rse. Down to only four members this summer, and that with the return of Kingussie after a four-year absence. The other two (Grantown United and Aviemore Thistle) were due to meet tonight, but that was PPd and Awarded - Aviemore Thistle were again unable to raise an XI. A fact that was only revealed afterwards. Also, no venue news for this one was ever officially communicated. The league's outlets had declared two weeks ago that the goalposts at Kingussie School were kaput and therefore a neutral cup final due there was going to have to be moved. But no news as it relates to Kingussie's own Home fixtures, even despite my several posted enquiries. I'd done Kingussie away last midweek, in order to ask them. They'd been uncertain then - "maybe the next one (today's) might even be on an unusual venue...?" With Veteran and Yorkieexile still B&Bing at my place, it had taken a daytime info hunt from them to come up with a mobile number for Kingussie's sec and then a text to him to get some clarity - moved to the Aviemore 3G (where Aviemore Thistle play ...when there's enough of them). Thanks very much to him for having replied - more than the league ever did, and when reporting this result the league's site never even mentioned the venue. I'll keep an eye out for Kingussie's remaining Home fixture's venues in case there are further bracketed ticks or a return to the School, which I still need, but it's like swimming through treacle.

My first visit to the Aviemore 3G. Tucked away off the main road, pinned against the railway line, it's a neat and tidy set-up, at a sports centre / library / school complex that feels a lot newer than the 2012 when it was built. The astroturf in the cage is recent generation too - nice and lush. Although the sign on the gate into the cage says "The date for which the permission for use expires / retesting is required is 24.11.2014" so if I were an English ground-grading nerd I could've insisted it be called off until being recertified. No spectator rail - just stand inside on the touchline, or look through the fence from one of the external benches. Nice view of the forested hillside, but a rather cold damp grey evening. I'd come the scenic route over the tops for the 2-hour drive from work, but not much fun when the drop-both-sides road over the Lecht ski resort was up inside the cloudbase.

Kingussie had had just the 11 who started when getting a thumping at Grantown United last midweek, so it was good to see they'd got some subs tonight, and that for much of the game they held their own in an even contest. There's no fun in seeing one-sided drubbings. 24 mins before the 0-1 opener, and 0-2 on 28. But pulled back to 1-2 courtesy of a pen in first half stoppage time, and leveled at 2-2 in the 52nd. Only in the last 20 minutes did BoG pull away with four more, the last of which squirmed through the keeper's hands when it should have been a simple catch above his head.

BoG also had plenty of subs ...but not plenty of shirts. Four came on, but only one of them had his own shirt. The other three each had to get the off-coming players to take theirs off, and put them on. Not sure I'd fancy having to put somebody else's sweaty shirt on when coming on off the bench! Urgh!! It did cause a need for an asterisked comment in my note-taking though - number 9 had opening the scoring for BoG, and number 9 scored their 2-4 goal - but not the same player! Two different blokes sharing the same shirt. Hey ho.

Yorkieexile had joined me at this one, also never having done this cage before. He had made his way across earlier in the day rather than waiting for my post-work mad dash. Veteran had decided against the revisit, not even attracted by the bracketed tick, instead going to NESFA country and sniffing round Peterhead until he found a venue with some action - Peterhead United were found to be using Ugie Park tonight, rather than their usual of Barclay Park. We had all hoped for Mintlaw on the village school's 3G, since it seems they played there last match, but Veteran detoured that way and saw them getting ready at the usual Pleasure Park grass pitch, which we've all previously done, so he moved on. I'll certainly be keeping an eye open for any hint of future games being of the Mintlaw 3G though - at least most members of NESFA are active on social media and drop venue info H&A into their posts, which overcomes the frustration that the league doesn't make full use of it's pitchero website - other leagues on that platform include venues for each fixture. Anybody would think these leagues are for social-footy playing, not to serve the addiction of tick-chasing desperados !! Tongue

Home in an hour and a half by the more-sensible route.


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