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Thursday 30th May 2019


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May 30, 2019, 8:31 PM

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Thursday 30th May 2019 Can't Post or Reply Privately

Kirkintilloch Rob Roy P-P Beith....West Region Prem
Hard to believe after surviving the Winter, I pick up a postponement two days shy of June to the weather.Took the back roads from the West coast to avoid the major roadworks in Dunbartonshire where the traffic was heavy.Arrived shortly after 6pm the drizzle on the way over had turned to heavy rain.A few minutes later the cars started leaving as the game was postponed. Decent run back, the rain reverted to fine drizzle and eventually stopped.....Not a completely wasted journey, got to know the backroads round the north of Glasgow that bit more,will come in handy when the M8 is blocked.

Edit...Game rescheduled for Saturday 1st June at 2pm.

So Many Grounds....So little time!!

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Dave 56
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May 30, 2019, 10:06 PM

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Re: [codofthenorth] Thursday 30th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Summer League. KO 19:00. (F&N). Crowd 27

Brassington 3 v 0 Broughton Wanderers

The village of Brassington is yet another scenic rural location in which to enjoy decent football on a warm sunny evening like tonight. Just one pitch, witha portakabin for changing rooms and a large car park.

The match was 3rd against 4th and the visitors controlled the first 20 minutes and could have been 3 up but for some excellent saves from the home keeper. Against the run of play Brassington scored the first goal with just a couple of minutes to the break, a tame shot that went through the hands of the Broughton keeper.

The second period was a little more even with the home side sealing the victory with a superb volley from 30 yards. They did add a third 10 minutes later, yet another keeper error.

Met a couple from Peterborough who attend some of the hops, he was wearing a Brimscombe and Thrupp jacket, will probably see them in Gwent in August. Probably my last game of the season and a nice way to finish.

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May 31, 2019, 1:29 AM

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Re: [Dave 56] Thursday 30th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Typical of my bad luck - another who got a PP Frown

Had to drive from Aberdeenshire to Leeds today, so went the awkward via-Berwick way, and delayed departure such that I'd get to the border not too early for my first experience of a Berwick Charity Cup game at the iconic Stanks. Only to find it was Off. GRRR. Not that wet, so I know not why.

Have to do the reverse trip on Monday. ...which of course is a no-fixture day at The Stanks.


Jun 3, 2019, 1:26 PM

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Re: [LeedsPhil] Thursday 30th May 2019 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Tiroler Liga.
St Johann in Tirol 0-5 Imst.
Admission €6 (oldie). Programme - none. Attendance ~200

Thursday morning, and the weather is still on the damp side. I am pleased with my choice of a hotel close to the railway as it allows me to take my breakfast and pick up the train at a very respectable 09.00 – they also had a very relaxed attitude to me arriving before the official check in time. They sent me an e-mail to say the main door would be open, and which key to pick up at the desk to get to my room.

When I board the train in the morning, Pizzaman and the Minion are already on board. While I was at Wattens, they were further west in the Tirol. Pizzaman had seen the match between Telfs and Hall, which as it was a 1-0 win for the home side, kept the Tiroler Liga championship on hold. Telfs were now six points behind with three to play. The Minion was one step lower watching Landesliga West leaders Silz/Mötz

Normally, this is the most important challenge, with only the champions rising to the tier 3 Regionalliga West – but as this Regionalliga is being scrapped and being replaced by three leagues representing individual Lander, the calculation has changed and both Telfs and Hall know they will be in the new division.

The 2018-19 breakdown of clubs in the Regionalliga was 5 clubs from Tirol, 7 from Salzburg and 4 from Voralberg. The club relegated from the 2. Liga, Wacker Innsbruck II, is a Tirol club while they are replaced in the 2. Liga by Dornbirn (Voralberg). This means that to make up three ten-team divisions, the top three from the Salzburg Liga and seven in the Voralberg get promoted. In Tirol, the line is set at four clubs.

Imst are the fourth of the clubs when we set out, and certainly in need of points to stay here. Their chances were improved on the previous night as Zirl were beaten at sixth placed Kematen. The home side for the game is St. Johann in Tirol – a team still with mathematical chances, but in reality, too far behind.

On arrival at St. Johann, we are not surprised to find no left luggage facilities. Pizzaman checks out a building opposite the station hoping we can leave our bags there. The Minion and I wait for him to check the door before asking if he really expects a Table Dance club to be open at nine-thirty in the morning. It turns out that the door Pizzaman tried was not the club, but a children’s nursery in the same building. I am not certain which sums up Austria more – a Table dance venue in such a small town, or the fact this shares a building with a nursery.

So, we button up against the rain and take the 15 minute walk to the crowd, dragging our baggage as we go. For the oldies (Pizzaman and I), it costs €6 to get in. The Minion still has a “5” as the first digit on his age, so he pays more. At the gate, they are more than happy to take our bags and find somewhere safe to hold them until after the game. We in turn make our way into their bar.

In this corner of the ground, by the refreshment areas, there is some viewing from undercover, albeit a bit of a distance from the pitch and at pitch level. There is not a full track around this pitch, but there is a six-lane sprint track on this one side. On the far side is a raised bank and seating (uncovered) has been installed on this, although no one will choose to use the wet seats today. At the top is a walkway from which there are views of the pitch, or if you face the other way, the second pitch.

Behind the goal is a newish building, which is in fact a wall climbing centre, with climbing walls of various difficulty both inside and outside the building. The centre is run by a company called Koasa Bouder, which in turn takes its name from the local name for the mountain range and the hiking trails centred at St. Johann. The stadium has been named Koasastadion thanks to the relationship with the centre, while the building provides about 100 covered seats behind the goal, raised nicely to give good viewing.

AS for the match, it is not really a contest. After a surprise home defeat at the weekend, Imst are determined to keep up their challenge. They open the scoring after seven minutes and add at regular intervals, Matthias Mimm scores the first two, but his brace is beaten by Marvin Schöpf’s hat-trick and the final score is 0-5.

Since this game, Imst have had another big away win, 6-2 at Kematen which all but secures Imst into the new league for next season. Zirl, Wattens Amatuer and Kematen are still fighting over the last place in the final two games

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