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Southend Borough and District Combination 18/9


Deaf Leopard
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Jul 8, 2018, 5:38 PM

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Southend Borough and District Combination 18/9 Can't Post or Reply Privately

After an unusual set up last season of five tiny divisions, a much more practical situation now, with five merged in to three larger divisions.

Laindon Orient and Corinthians, together with their respective Res teams in Division 1 - both finishing top two in each division, have gone up to the Olympian League. Laindon have cut all links with the league, meaning the footprint is once again totally east of the A130 - its natural line.
Bridgemarsh have taken over at Olympian side Leigh Town, so the side who finished 3rd are effectively no more, with their Res also pulling out of Division 1.
BKS Sports, who finished 6th out of 8, have dropped down a level.
Southend Manor 'A' appear to have folded.
A complicated situation regarding Ashingdon. They finished 6th of 8 in Division 1, but have been promoted. However Division 3 side Landwick have taken over the club, and renamed it to Landwick, But to add confusion, another side going by the village name has come in and joined the Premier Division!
All of the other Division 1 sides - Rochford Res, Railway Academicals and Southend Rangers - have been moved up, whilst Southend Collegians - who finished 4th of 6 in Division 2 - have surprisingly jumped up two divisions. Only Leigh Town 'A' have stayed put, due to the Reserve team being in the Premier Division.

Division 1 looks very different. BKS Sports Reserves aside (due to the 1st team dropping down a division) as well as the double promoted Southend Collegians, all the remaining clubs in Division 2 - Ashingdon Res, Shoebury 'A', Earls Hall Utd and Wakering Sports 'A' (formerly known as Southend Sports 'A'). The top two and bottom two from Division 3 - Weir Sports and Thundersley Athletic, and Old Southendian 'A' and Southend Collegians Res respectively, have gone up two divisions.
Two sides returning to the league have been placed in Division 1 - Ekco Whitecaps and Catholic 'A'.

Division 2 is basically all the remaining clubs from Division 3 and 4, plus the static BKS Sports Res. Three new clubs added - Leigh Town 'B', Landwick Res and Wakering Sports 'B'.

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Deaf Leopard
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Jul 8, 2018, 5:42 PM

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Re: [Deaf Leopard] Southend Borough and District Combination 18/9 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Premier Division 10: Ashingdon, Corinthians 'A', Landwick, Leigh Res, Railway Academicals, Rochford Res, Shoebury Res, Wakebury, Southend Collegians, Southend Rangers.

Division 1 (12): Ashingdon Res, BKS Sports, Catholic 'A', Earls Hall Utd, Ekco Whitecaps, Leigh 'A', Old Southendian 'A', Shoebury 'A', Southend Collegians Res, Wakering Sports 'A', Thundersley Athletic, Weir Sports.

Division 2 (11): Ashingdon 'A', BKS Sports Res, Earls Hall Res, Landwick Res, Leigh 'B', Old Southendian 'B', Railway Academicals, Southend Collegians 'A', Wakering Sports 'B', Southend Rangers Res, Wakebury Res.

southend statto
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Nov 18, 2018, 3:55 PM

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Re: [Deaf Leopard] Southend Borough and District Combination 18/9 [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

since the draft constitution, the Premier Division has increased from ten to twelve teams:
Ashingdon, Christchurch, Corinthians 'A', Heroes, Landwick, Leigh Town II, Railway Academicals, Rochford Town II, Shoebury Town II, Southend Collegians, Southend Rangers, Wakebury.
Division One goes down to eleven:
Ashingdon II, BKS Sports, Earls Hall United, Ekco Whitecaps, Leigh Town 'A', Old Southendian 'A', Shoebury Town 'A', Southend Collegians II, Thundersley Athletic, Wakering Sports 'A', Weir Sports.
Finally, Division Two remains at eleven teams:
Ashingdon 'A', BKS Sports II, Catholic United 'A', Earls Hall United II, Landwick II, Leigh Town 'B', Old Southendian 'B', Southend Collegians 'A', Southend Rangers II, Wakebury II, Wakering Sports 'B'.


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