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Cash in the attic moment?


Oxford Stone
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Jan 27, 2014, 11:09 AM

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Cash in the attic moment? Can't Post or Reply Privately

Anyone ever bought (or found in the attic) and sold any bits of bric a brac (or books, programmes...) for a tidy sum?

I picked up one of these - not a first edition though, I don't think - at a flea market in Burford for 2 and sold it for 80. Same sort of time bought a 1ERE CLASSE enamel sign that would have been hooked on a French railway carriage for a tenner and sold it for 30.

Got excited when clearing out my late parents' place and found a "thanks for your help at the election" letter signed by Churchill but it was a "facsimile" so was only interest value, maybe a fiver.

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Jan 27, 2014, 11:29 AM

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Re: [Oxford Stone] Cash in the attic moment? [In reply to] Can't Post or

I've done it with a few programmes out of my collection of games I went to, one's purchased for a matter of pence 30 or more years ago have sold for quite a fare amount. But on the other hand at least 95% plus are worthless.

Both my parents have died in the last few years and an Uncle who left me some things, most of the stuff they have collected or saved throughout their lives were not worth anywhere near what they thought or had no value what so ever. Most of my mother's stuff which had been handed down through the generations was either given back to other family members or sold at Auction, I think I got a cheque for 278 but we were talking about a lot of stuff - she had over 1,000 miniature jugs. My father who had collected (bordering on horded) stuff for 60 years (still sorting it out 2 years after his death) had kept mainly items that had to be scraped. A few bits and bobs were worth a few quid, he had some leather washers for stirrup pumps and brass springs and old lock parts they were worth about 25. He did have a half sovereign and a couple of bits of broken gold they worth a few quid but again over 95% was more or less scrap and sadly not good scrap.

It's usually what others overlook or think is rubbish that has value, what many folks think is worth money is junk.

Years ago at a car boot at Abingdon some bloke was selling some programmes, mostly Oxford United he wanted 25 quid and was unwilling to split them. They are from 1985/86 Oxford were in the first division he kept saying. In the end I brought them and promptly gave most away to a couple young lads. The bloke looked perplexed, I kept a handful of team sheets that I sold for more than 50 - there was a very rare friendly in them that I had never seen and I knew 4 or 5 people would pay very good money for it. He thought I was mad.

Pedant alert, no one should really have anything in their attics these days other than at least 30cm of British Standard loft insulation and maybe a TV aerial!. If you have I hope you have told your home insurance company.


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