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Jun 3, 2011, 8:44 AM

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Re: [rainjar] FIFA [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

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Apparantly the vote was 186-0 with 17 Abstentions, people like Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong-Il and other despotic dictators would not even get 100% of the vote, just goes to show what FIFA is turning into, an untrained chimpanzee could run FIFA better than old Sepptic

It's like something out of North Korea!


The comparison with Kim Jong-Il and North Korea has been around for some time. Personally, I prefer the Mafia analogy. The FIFA establishment love referring to themselves as a "family", and with a looser hierarchy and relationships, it has more in common with the Mafia than a totalitarian state.

The most brutal attack came from the long standing Fifa vice president for Argentina, Julio Grondona. He used his address as head of Fifa's finance committee to plead with the English to leave the Fifa family alone and criticised Bernstein for his intervention.

He added: "We always have attacks - mostly with lies and with the support of journalism which is more busy lying than telling the truth."

Julio Grondona, Blatter's No. 2, has served the role of pit bull.

Julio Grondona, president of the Argentina Football Association and senior Fifa vice-president, launched a stinging attack on the FA this week, describing the English as "pirates" having previously told the 2018 bid team to return the Falkland Islands if they wanted his vote.

He is more infamous for the following:

‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’

FIFA senior vice-president and chair of Finance Committee, Julio Grondona, 5 July 2003. Buenos Aires

In yesterday's Telegraph:


Maradona’s lawyers say they will launch a legal action for “slander, defamation and discrimination", and accused Grondona of corruption.

The spat follows Maradona’s allegation that the Argentina team was offered stimulants - “speedy coffee” - before a crucial 1993 World Cup qualifier against Australia, and Grondona removed doping controls from the games to prevent positive tests.

Argentina won the two-legged play-off, but at the 1994 World Cup Maradona failed a drugs test.

25 years after the 'Hand of God', Maradona could turn round and help England get rid of its nemesis within FIFA.

Blatter has already shown he is prepared to sacrifice one crony within FIFA, Jack Warner, who was proving an embarassment. To further help paper over the cracks in the FIFA "family", and prevent them from breaking out into fractures, he might have to be prepared to sacrifice another who is proving too embarassing.

Maradona helping England, there is a group of words I never thought I would see in the same sentence

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Jun 3, 2011, 9:09 PM

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Re: [MistaFozzII] FIFA [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

All these shenanighans have now definitively meant that I will never, ever, ever, see a World Cup in England again in my lifetime.
For the whippersnappers among you, go for 2066, when we might have a chance again.

In case you hadn't noticed from the recent FIFA love-in, there is nothing wrong with FIFA apart from three main culprits:

(1) the English media, peddling poisonous lies against the FIFA family.
(2) the English FA, who repeat and amplify the lies peddled by the former
(3) the fact that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are considered as separate countries, and each get a vote on the International Board (total 8).

Apart from that, everything is hunky-dory. Hell never mind 2066 - go for 2166. Never mind trying to leave, we'll probably get expelled in the meantime.

Trouble is, in our defence I can only offer:

(1) the English media: the News of the Screws
(2) the FA: a bunch of braying half-witted ya's
(3) the sad thing is, that it's only because of this that FIFA can claim to have more members than the IOC. Once they get Tuvalu, Nauru and the Federated States of Micronesia on board, then the separate British Associations are unnecessary. And please remember, the English are the spawn of the devil, the main cause for any issues within FIFA, and Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish are tarred with the same brush.

I'm amazed we're still allowed to play international football.

(This post was edited by Andrelux on Jun 3, 2011, 9:29 PM)

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Jun 4, 2011, 11:44 AM

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Re: [Andrelux] FIFA [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

I don't have a problem with not seeing a World Cup in England - we've already had one. Of around 200 FIFA members I think there are a fair few who should get their go before anyone who's already had it and, as I've said in other posts, I think smaller nations should be allowed to host in clusters rather than it only being open to big nations who can afford to host it on their own or in pairs.

And as for the English being the spawn of the devil, FIFA use that to their advantage but Stanley Rous did his bit to make that true for a lot of the world by keeping such a closed shop before Havelange took over. If he'd pushed football's boundaries a bit more Havelange and Blatter wouldn't be in a position to paint themselves as overturning the English imperial outlook on football.

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