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Royal Artillery (Portsmouth)


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Apr 12, 2011, 5:38 PM

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Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) Can't Post or Reply Privately


Quick question - This might seem a little silly coming from somebody with "pompey" in their avatar (but remember i'm living abroad at the mo Wink), but does anybody know the year "Royal Artillery (Portsmouth)" first formed as a football team playing in Portsmouth?

Everything seems to point to 1893 because...

1) A complete lack of detail prior to that date.
2) Portsmouth AFC disbanded 1894.
3) It seems a Royal Artillery cleaned up in South Africa 1891/92/93... then it all stopped. Were they the same guys before returning home?

If you have the answer let me know, else no worries, I'll buy the "Gunners" book from Fratton Park when I'm next back.Smile


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Apr 13, 2011, 8:36 PM

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Re: [pompeyRover] Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Apologies for taking this thread a little off topic but I am looking for the Maidenhead FC teams that played Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) in the Southern League Second Division on 11th December 1897 (away, lost 9-0) and 18th December 1897 (home, lost 5-0 - I have two Maidenhead players from this match).

Paul C has kindly tried to find the information for me without success.

Would anyone, by any chance, have contact details for Kevin Charles Smith, the author of Glory Gunners: The History of Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) FC?

Many thanks in anticipation.

London Harrier
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Nov 11, 2018, 7:53 AM

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Re: [pompeyRover] Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) [In reply to] Can't Post or Reply Privately

Iím reviving this thread as the formation of Royal Artillery Portsmouth baffles me, too.

According to The History of Portsmouth Football Club by Nearson, Cooper and Robinson, Royal Artillery Portsmouth were formed in 1894 by the merger of 15th Company Royal Artillery in Fareham, and Depot RA in Portsmouth.

However, Wiki states ďRoyal Artillery (Portsmouth) F.C. were formed in the autumn of 1894, taking the "one or two" remaining players from the Gosport-based Depot Royal Artillery team, whose team had largely been "drafted away" before the 1894-95 season began and disbanded. Depot Royal Artillery's main local rival had been 15 Company Royal Artillery, who were based at Fort Fareham in Fareham, a rivalry which was revived when Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) took over the role after the Depot team was disbanded.Ē

I believe (though it isnít explicitly stated) that this is taken from a book called Football Glory Gunners The History of Royal Artillery Portsmouth FC by Kevin Smith. I havenít purchased a copy of this book so canít verify.

Both explanations are problematic for the following reasons.

1. A Royal Artillery Portsmouth fixture against Portsmouth Grammar School is listed in the Portsmouth Evening News, Monday 13 November 1893. See attached.
2. Both 15 Company Royal Artillery and Royal Artillery (Gosport) have fixtures and match reports listed in the BNA between 1895 and 1900.

Any help on this one appreciated.

(This post was edited by London Harrier on Nov 11, 2018, 8:15 AM)
Attachments: RA Portsmouth - November 1893.JPG (49.3 KB)


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