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Alan Mason (Hinckley Athletic/United/A.F.C.)

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Aug 25, 2019, 10:32 AM

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Alan Mason (Hinckley Athletic/United/A.F.C.) or Reply Privately

Anyone who has had anything to do with football in Hinckley will know the name of Alan Mason, the death of whom was announced yesterday following a long illness. To many he was 'Mr Hinckley Athletic' in the years before the club split into two.

For many years he edited, wrote and produced the programme for the club he loved, his attention to detail was enviable. At one time he set up his own company in Leicester producing and printing programmes for the Hinckley clubs and such as Wellesbourne but he was so fastidious that he found it hard to make it pay. He would work long hours writing and making sure everything was as it should be, you knew you would get your moneysworth from an Alan Mason production!

It was not just about programmes though, he worked hard for the club in various capacities and above all he was a quiet well-spoken friendly Gentleman who had time for everyone.

On a personal note it was my priviledge to have known him for many years, a true lover of football, he will be much mourned amongst his masses of friends in Hinckley and elswhere, his reputation preceded him and remained with all who crossed his path! RIP Alan.

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Aug 25, 2019, 7:06 PM

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Re: [GRIFFON] Alan Mason (Hinckley Athletic/United/A.F.C.) or Reply Privately

Griffon has captured perfectly the way that Alan worked tirelessly to support and help Hinckley Athletic in particular but also Hinckley United and latterly Hinckley AFC where the Alan Mason column in their programme contained wonderful memories and statistics from years gone by about football in Hinckley.

Alan was a great friend of mine for many years. Our friendship came about through our shared love of Hinckley Athletic and football in general. We travelled many miles together and watched football in all parts of the country. In the past few years after the demise of Hinckley United and Alan's health not being so good he still enjoyed reading programmes that myself, Dave Makins and Kirby Knitters would get for him from our travels.

Alan was a true friend, a real kindly gentleman in every sense of the word and a superb archivist of all things related to Hinckley football and he had an unrivalled knowledge of club histories and non league programmes. RIP Alan, you were a great friend to me.

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