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F.A. County Youth Cup 2019-20

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Jun 14, 2019, 12:56 PM

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F.A. County Youth Cup 2019-20 or Reply Privately

1st & 2nd Round ORIGINAL draws released Thursday 13th June 2019

Round Dates (by)
1. Sun 3 Nov
2. Sun 8 Dec
Q. Sun 19 Jan
S. Sun 23 Feb
F. on Sat 25 Apr

23 entries - Amateur Football Alliance, Bedfordshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Devon, Durham, East Riding, Essex, Gloucestershire, Guernsey, Jersey, Kent, London, Manchester, Middlesex, Norfolk, North Riding, Northamptonshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Sussex, Westmorland

38 entries two seasons ago, then 34 last season when Shropshire re-entered but Cambridgeshire, Jersey (mistakenly failed to enter), Leicestershire & R., Oxfordshire and Suffolk withdrew. East Riding and Jersey have re-entered this season but Berks & Bucks, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Liverpool, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire,, Sheffield & H., Somerset, West Riding and Wiltshire have withdrawn.

Original draw

First Round

1 Northamptonshire v Durham
2 Staffordshire v East Riding
3 Westmorland v Shropshire
4 London v Devon
5 Kent v Guernsey
6 Gloucestershire v Bedfordshire
7 Cornwall v Jersey

9 byes - Amateur Football Alliance, Cheshire, Cumberland, Essex, Manchester, Middlesex, Norfolk, North Riding, Sussex

Second Round

1 Cheshire v Manchester
2 North Riding v Norfolk
3 Staffordshire or East Riding v Northamptonshire or Durham
4 Cumberland v Westmorland or Shropshire
5 Gloucestershire or Bedfordshire v Sussex
6 Essex v Kent or Guernsey
7 London or Devon v Middlesex
8 Cornwall or Jersey v Amateur Football Alliance

HOWEVER a number of County Associations had not received the online entry form so those counties had the chance to apply "late" and a revised draw was then issued.

REVISED draws released Friday 2nd August

5 additional entries, now 28
Additions - Berks & Bucks, Isle of Man, Northumberland, Sheffield & Hallamshire and West Riding.
They have all been given away ties in the First Round with Sheffield & H. in the South section.

Last season there were 34 entries - East Riding and Jersey have re-entered but Birmingham, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Nottinghamshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire have withdrawn.

First Round (ties 1-7 unchanged, 8-12 are additional)


01 Northamptonshire v Durham - Sat 2nd Nov 2.00 at Daventry Town 0-5
02 Staffordshire v East Riding - Sun 10th Nov 2.00 at Hednesford Town P-P to Sun 24th Nov 2.00 P-P again to Sun 1st Dec 2.30 at Wolverhampton Wanderers Training Ground
03 Westmorland v Shropshire - Sun 27th Oct 2.00 at Kendal Town 0-2

04 London v Devon - Sun 27th Oct 2.00 at Bromley 2-6
05 Kent v Guernsey - Sun 3rd Nov 2.00 at Chatham Town 2-1
06 Gloucestershire v Bedfordshire - Sun 20th Oct 2.00 at Oaklands Park 0-3 75
07 Cornwall v Jersey - Sat 26th Oct 7.00 at Launceston (moved to Callywith College, Bodmin 3G) 0-2 85


08 Cheshire v Isle of Man - Sun 3rd Nov 11.00 at Vauxhall Motors 2-4 AET (2-2) 70
09 Cumberland v West Riding - Sat 9th Nov 2.00 at West Riding County Ground, Woodlesford, Leeds 1-2 AET (1-1)
10 North Riding v Northumberland - Sat 2nd Nov 2.00 at County Ground. P-P to Sat 16th Nov at Northallerton Town, P-P again to Sat 23rd Nov 2.30 at Kader, Middlesbrough 3G 1-3 51

11 Amateur Football Alliance v Sheffield & Hallamshire - Sat 2nd Nov 2.00 at Potters Bar Town P-P to Sat 16th Nov 2.00 at County Ground, Letchworth 7-3 42
12 Middlesex v Berks & Bucks - Sun 3rd Nov 1.00 at Uxbridge 5-2

Second Round

1 Isle of Man v Manchester - walkover (holders withdrew 19th Nov)
2 Northumberland v Norfolk - Sat 14th Dec 11.00 at County Ground, Whitley Park, Benton
3 Staffordshire or East Riding v Durham
4 West Riding v Shropshire - Sat 14th Dec 2.00 at County Ground, Woodlesford, Leeds

5 Bedfordshire v Sussex - Sun 8th Dec 2.00 at Kempston Rovers
6 Essex v Kent - Sun 8th Dec 3.00 at Aveley
7 Devon v Middlesex - Sat 23rd Nov 1.00 at County Ground, Newton Abbot 7-2
8 Jersey v Amateur Football Alliance - Sat 7th Dec 1.15 at Springfield 1-2 81


to be played by Sunday 19th January

draw released Friday 29th November (no longer regionalised)

1 West Riding or Shropshire v Northumberland or Norfolk
2 Essex or Kent v Isle of Man
3 Bedfordshire or Essex v Staffordshire or East Riding or Durham
4 Devon v Amateur Football Alliance

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