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Errors in the FAs FA Cup Results Archive

Mick Barnett

May 9, 2019, 3:48 PM

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Errors in the FAs FA Cup Results Archive or Reply Privately

In advance of our centenary in 1920 I've been working on the history of my local team, Welwyn Garden City, with invaluable assistance from local historian Roy Williams. In the course of our research we've discovered three errors in the FA's archive of FA Cup results www.thefa.com/competitions/thefacup/more/pastresults . I've attempted to contact the FA with the aim of having the archive corrected but can't even get an acknowledgement to my emails. I understand the one of these errors has found its way into a published history of the South Midlands League (Shredded Wheat v Welwyn Garden City - see below). Verification can be provided on request.

The errors and corrections are as follows.

9th September 1922, Extra Preliminary Round. Apsley 2-3 Welwyn Garden City should read Apsley 2-3 Welwyn. Welwyn Garden City was only formed in late 1920 and didn't enter the FA Cup until 1927. This confusion with the unconnected Welwyn FC has cropped up several times in our research. On this day Welwyn Garden City was actually playing a Herts Junior Cup tie.

23rd September 1922, Preliminary Round. Leavesden Mental Hospital 3-1 Welwyn Garden City should read Leavesden Mental Hospital 3-1 Welwyn.

5th September 1931, Extra Preliminary Round. Shredded Wheat 1-5 Welwyn Garden City should read Shredded Wheat 1-4 Hoddesdon Town. Welwyn Garden City received a bye for this round and played a friendly instead.